Monday, February 3, 2020

"The Bat" - a bookwrap


Authored and Illustrated by: 

* Ages:  6-9
* Grade Level:  1-4
* Series:  Disgusting Critters ( Book 6 ) 
* Hardcover:  32 pages
* Publisher:  Tundra Books
* Pub. Date:  February 4, 2020
* Language:  English

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From the Publisher

The Book

I love the whole vibe of this book!  It's educational and also very humorous.  Kid's will love the little personable CHIROPTERA ( the scientific name ) for a bat.  He chats throughout the story giving the reader a wonderful sense of his witty personality and also an understanding of the true facts that are presented about him.  It's a perfect combo for kids of all ages to learn about his uniqueness: that he hibernates, sleeps hanging upside down, and his special gift of echolocation just to name a few.  Wow!  

They will discover that he is a mammal, the only mammal that can fly.  Bat babies are born live and furry and their mommy feeds them her milk.  Later on they eat insects, fruit and some even drink animal blood to survive and grow into maturity.  

"The Bat" will not only entertain but teach which is wonderful.  The illustrations and sweet quirky comments of the little guy will have the reading audience smiling and connecting with him all throughout.  

This book is the 6th book in the series " Disgusting Critters."  
 I highly, highly recommend this book and the entire series.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the Author/Illusrator

Having completed her studies in graphic design, Elise Gravel found herself quickly swept up into the glamourous world of illustration. Her old design habits drive her to work a little text here and there into her drawings and she loves to handle the design of her assignments from start to finish. She is inspired by social causes and is turned on by projects which can handle a good dose of eccentricity. She has written and illustrated several books for children.

I was born in Montreal in 1977 and started to draw not long after my birth. In kindergarten I was popular because I could draw princesses with long, spiral curls. Then in high school, girls asked me to draw their dream guys in their agendas. I became very talented at drawing muscles and chest hair, which came in handy later on when I illustrated my book Le Grand Antonio. On the other hand, I’m still pretty bad at knowing how to use an agenda properly.
Later on, I studied graphic design at CEGEP*, during which I figured out that I wanted to do illustration. After my first book, Catalogue des Gaspilleurs, I wrote and illustrated more than 30 others. One of my books, La clé à molette, won the Governor General’s Literary Award in the illustration category, and since then I’ve become really bigheaded and brag all the time.

I live in Montreal with my two daughters, my husband, my cats, and a few spiders. I’m currently working on diverse projects for publication in Quebec, English-speaking Canada, and in the United States. My books have been translated into a dozen languages. I’m hoping to live a long life so that I can make many, many more books, because I still have many, many more ideas.

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