Monday, August 24, 2020

"The Story of Grace" - a bookwrap

Meet the Beast of Addiction... he's very, very ugly! 


The Story of Grace

Authored by Donna Masotti
Illustrated by Karine Makartichan

* Ages:  4-8
* Hardcover: 26 pages
* Publisher:  Donna Masotti
* Pub. Date:  August 31, 2020
* Language:  English 

Unwrapping Some Wonderful Illustrations for You

The Book

This is a book with a purpose... a story that you wish you didn't even have to write because you want every child to live a wonderful, love-filled life with a happy ending.  Unfortunately for many children that is not reality. 

Grace narrates her story about her dad whom she loves dearly.  But unfortunately her dad is in a battle with addiction.  The author doesn't name the specific type leaving that aspect open ended to the reader.  Like a valiant knight he tries over and over to conquer this monster but alas he ultimately is slain.  

Grace has to process the fact that her dad is never coming home again to play and interact with her.  She deems him her hero and forever will have him in her heart. 

The lovely illustrations animate the addiction giving it a vicious, overpowering personality and shows the impact it makes on Grace's dad.  The story is very touching and heartwarming and much needed for little ones who need a deeper understanding of being separated from a parent whether by addiction, mental health disorders, incarceration or even death.  The author has included questions that may be used as a starting point for initiation of such discussions.   Highly recommended.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 ++ HUGS! 

Meet the Author 

Donna Masotti lives in a small town along the Connecticut shoreline with her adopted rescue dog, Sydney, and her crazy Caique parrot, Sweet Pea. She has been immeasurably blessed in this lifetime, and although she’s had her share of challenges, she has learned acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love through these experiences. These challenges have become her gifts.

The Story of Grace is a gift from what she has learned loving a person with substance abuse disorder. It is often difficult to accept and love a person on this journey, but she believes we can find peace in our hearts if we do.

About the Illustrator

I am an artist and illustrator with 18 years of experience in visual arts and with participation in more than 20 exhibitions throughout the world. I have created various book illustrations throughout my career in different styles for different authors both in the US and in Europe.
I can draw everything and in any style which you need.

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