Friday, January 22, 2021

"Please Don't Hug Me" - a bookwrap



Please Don't Give Me a Hug!

by Judi Moreillon

Estelle Corke (Illustrator)


* Ages:  3+

* Grade Level:  PS+

* Publisher:  Star Bright Books

* Pub. Date: April 1, 2021

* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

Some children are not comfortable or happy when someone wraps a BIG bear hug around them and they wish to decline that good-intentioned behaviour. This informative book explains that there are many other ways to exhibit friendliness, love and caring to them.  

The author suggests perhaps a wink, a wave, a wide smile, a fist bump or a high five,  just to name a few, are wonderful substitutes for an unwilling scary hug.  These alternatives can provide confidence in  children who don't want their personal space invaded especially those  on the autism spectrum or with touch sensitivity.  

This simple short book has beautiful illustrations that enrich its message in a powerful way.  It shines a light on respecting each other's boundaries and of learning the importance of getting consent before a hug is administered.  The book depicts a diversity of people of different genders, ages, abilities and colour which I particularly love.  "Please Don't Hug Me" will open up an honest and meaningful conversation about appropriate touching.  I highly recommend it.   

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 

Meet the Author

Judi Moreillon began her career teaching fifth grade in a school that did not have a professional school librarian. This inspired her to earn a master's degree in library science. She has served as a teacher–librarian in high school and elementary school libraries, coteaching in every content area at all grade levels. She also served as a literacy coach at the elementary level. Judi earned a doctorate in language, reading, and culture with a focus on media and literacy at the University of Arizona. She is a member of the International Reading Association. 

In her current role as a literacies and libraries consultant, Judi facilitates professional development for educators. She believes that classroom–library collaboration is key to providing students with learning experiences that incorporate 21st-century skills.

About the Illustrator

I have illustrated since leaving college. To begin with I mainly worked for advertising, magazine publishing and packaging, in many subject areas and this gave me great grounding and experience. In recent years I've concentrated my efforts on my first love, children's publishing.

I work for publishers all over the world, large and small. I mostly illustrate in my richly coloured gouache style, but I also offer styles in watercolour and pen and ink. I love drawing children and animals, and I especially enjoy stories with some gentle humour and quirkiness.

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