Thursday, January 28, 2021

'The Missing Potty" - a bookwrap



The Missing Potty

Book by Anita Bijsterbosch


* Ages:  2+

* Grade Level:   Toddler/PS

* Board Book:  20 pages

* Publisher:  Clavis Publishing 

* Pub. Date: May 25, 2021

* Language:  English

From the Back Cover

" A happy from-the-potty-to-the toilet book with surprising flaps!

For toddlers ags 30 months and up, with a focus on the Child's skills."  

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

This delightful interactive book with lift-the-flap fun is perfect to share if you have a little one that is transitioning from a training potty to the real deal.  I love that it stars a diverse group of animal characters who demonstrate their success and visually celebrate how it's done.  

A sweet little Bunny loves her potty and sits on it all the time.  One day she cannot find it anywhere so she sets off to see if perhaps one of her friends may know its whereabouts.  She visits Tiger, Cow, and Giraffe and she discovers they are all using the adult potty and suggest she go home and do the same.  Little Bunny gets to the point where she has no choice but hurry home and with apprehension she climbs up  on the toilet and discovers... it's not so scary as she imagined.  Wow!  Who knew?  From that point on Little Bunny has the confidence and the will to transition.  Her friends eventually locate her potty in the shed and they bring it back to her.  Will she regress and start using her beloved potty once again?  

The illustrations are adorable and the lift-the-flap addition is perfect for that age group.  Both kids and adults will chuckle at the cute twist at the ending.  I highly recommend this book both written and illustrated by the talented Dutch author. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 

Meet the Author/Illutrator

I'm Anita Bijsterbosch. I was born in 1961 in The Netherlands. My entire life, I have loved reading. As a child, I could spend hours thumbing through books, looking at the pictures, and hoping I could one day make such beautiful illustrations myself. I studied the images down to the smallest detail and made up my own little stories to go along with them. After high school, I took drawing and painting lessons in small galleries in my neighborhood. And I learned a lot from drawing and painting books. But I also mastered many techniques simply by experimenting with them on my own. When my children were still young, I read them a bedtime story every night. I rediscovered that some picture books are real pieces of art. That's when I got the ambition to make my very own picture books. I was remarked by the jury of the Key Colours International Illustrators Award 2012. The book Whose Hat is That? was published by Clavis Publishing and every book I have made since has been even more successful.

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