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"A Little Sister for Brady" - a bookwrap



A Little Sister for Brady: A Story About Accepting & Embracing Change

Authored by April M. Cox

Illustrated by Harry Aveira


* Reading Age:  4-8 years

* Grade Level:  PS-3

* Length:  38 pages

* Series:  The Little Labradoodle Book 3

* Publisher:  Books Go Social

* Pub. Date: October 18, 2021

* Language:  English


Unwrapping Some Illustrations for you


From the Publisher

Change Can Be Good

Change will come for our children and grandchildren and not all of it will be feel good. A new sibling, a new school - any change can be overwhelming for kids. Through the story of our little Labradoodles, children are reminded that change can be wonderful, even if it doesn't always start that way. What a great conversation starter!

Supports Good Decision Making

When Mandy's behavior frustrates Brady he isn't sure how to react. This is a great opportunity to talk to our kids about how they would handle the situation. Getting children to think about problems and resolutions can prepare them to make good decisions of their own in the future.

Help Prepare Your Family for a New Sibling

If a lonely little Labradoodle can make room in his heart for a new family member, so can your little ones. This story will help prepare big brothers and sisters for the reality that a new sibling can be a challenge, but with love and patience, it can also be a huge blessing!

The Book

"A Little Sister for Brady"  has gorgeous illustrations and is a rhyming story that little humans can certainly relate to.  It's not easy being the older sibling of a brand new baby sister ( or brother ).  Why you are expected to share your food, your toys, your treats and your parents with someone who is unfamiliar with the family dynamics and who has no boundaries.  That doesn't seem fair now does it?  

Brady expresses first his surprise and then his frustration as puppy Mandy steamrolls into his world and ruins everything for him.  He reaches a tipping point where he wishes she would go away and never return so he can experience normal once again.  Then guess what?  One day she is taken away and Brady finds himself longing for her return. Maybe she isn't so bad after all and he really misses her. 

This books open up a dialogue about change and how it can be for the good.  It gives opportunity to express personal feelings and find solutions if there is a need to.  The beautiful illustrations greatly enrich the text which will engage new and reluctant readers to enjoy the book also.

There is a companion colouring/activity book available and a downloadable Teacher's Guide to pursue the topic even further.  The book is wonderful and highly recommended. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author



April Cox is an award-winning author and founder of Little Labradoodle Publishing. The Little Labradoodle series of eight books including three picture books and five coloring/activity books. "My goal is to provide beautifully illustrated books with characters that kids love while re-enforcing core values in a way that is fun for the whole family.

April is a coach and volunteer, helping hundreds of Authors fulfill their dreams of becoming a published author. You can find more information at www.thelittlelabradoodle.com.

April lives in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with Steve, her husband of thirty years, and their two Labradoodles.


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