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"Santa's Lost Reindeer: A Christmas book that will you laughing" - a bookwrap


Santa's Lost Reindeer: A Christmas Book That Will Keep You Laughing

Authored by Rachel Hilz,  Illustrated by Remesh Ram 


* Ages:  3-7

* Grade Level:  PS-2

* Length:  38 pages

* Publisher:  Spirit Frog Press

* Pub. Date:  October 6th, 2021

* Language:  English

In Her Own Words

"My nonverbal son recognizes himself in the book and laughs out loud at the bright illustrations. I couldn't ask for any better reward." -- Rachel Hilz

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for you


The Book  


This is a delightful rhyming book that kids will love!  Santa is upgrading his reindeer team as his old herd has gotten fat, is slowing down due to back aches and failing eyesight and complaining of the cold. Poor Santa has no choice but to recruit some younger deer that are full of vim and vigor to help him out on that long Christmas Eve journey around the world. 

The young new leader is clever and fast and his nose shines bright yellow.  Unfortunately during the flight he panicks and flees when a jet spooks him and now he is MIA ( missing in action.)  Oh dear, Santa needs to find him because all the presents have not yet been delivered.  A frazzled Santa barges into a local home and asked if he could use their four-wheel drive to help him find his beloved missing Bucky.  Will Bucky be rescued in time for Santa to complete his Christmas Eve mission? 

The illustrations are fantastic, full of humour and fun.  The story has wonderful cadence and kids will be engaged in the story from beginning to end with lots of laughs in between.  It's a wonderful Christmas tale that will become a seasonal favourite.  I highly recommend the book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Rachel Hilz learned to crochet at an early age. Along with her passion for writing, it seemed inevitable that the two paths would cross. Rachel never imagined that she would be crocheting the illustrations for her own picture book. After spending the last twenty-four years as a clinical therapist, encouraging others to pursue their dreams, a lifelong dream of hers is springing to life. Rachel is a military wife, and mother of 4 children. She and her family reside on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. They share their home with a couple of Shih-Tzus and a one-winged Indian Ringneck parrot.

About the Illustrator

I'm Remesh from Prayan Animation Studio. We are team of 30 artist who are well experienced in 2D animation and illustration. Over the past 5 years we offered the best service in 2d and 3 d Animation, Info graphic Animations, Children’s book & Comic Book Illustrations, TV commercials, digital production & post production services - conceptual design, game content, cutting-edge techniques & technology for production, architectural visualizations and corporate presentations. With the best creative team, we think out of the box on every project and deliver high quality creative outputs beyond client expectations. We are passionate about our craft and it force us to challenge ourselves to deliver the best impression on every work.

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