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"What's Wrong with a Pet Dinosaur?" - a bookwrap



What's Wrong with a Pet Dinosaur?

by Tony Philips


* Reading Age:  4-8 years

* Grade Level:  K-6

* Hardcover: 168 pages

* Publisher:  BooksGoSocial 

* Pub. Date:  November 9, 2021

* Language:  English


"A timeless collection of humor-laced poetry aimed at entertaining young readers.... an instant classic.... Funny, quirky, and undeniably charming." -- IndieReader

"The author has the gift of seeing the world through children's eyes.... often amusingly unexpected endings keep readers off-kilter and highly entertained." -- BlueInk Review

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

I love the whole silly, happy and free-spirited vibe of these poems that are perfect for elementary readers ( and adults too )!  I adore and greatly miss Shel Silverstein and was delighted to read his similar style of creativity and wit that Tony Philips brings to his poetry. 

Kids will laugh and giggle and discover that each page offers them joy as they read through this collection of laugh-out-loud wordplays, puns, and humour!   Some praise from advanced readers include:  

"Pure mischief and shenanigans"

"Made me laugh out loud"

"Reminded me of how my brain worked when I was a kid"

"Original, comic, musical"

"An amazing gift of art, life lessons, and humor”

With wonderful endorsements like those above one wants to immediately acquire a copy to share with their children.  This book should also land on classroom bookshelves and in elementary school libraries.  The illustrations are simple but powerful.  The book is highly entertaining and I wholeheartedly recommend it.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author/Illustrator

When he is not doodling on donkeys or writing silly poems on bathroom walls, Tony Philips is trying to answer the pressing questions that confound experts the world over, like who left the toilet seat up? He grew up in a suburb in Pennsylvania near a turkey farm. Every so often, frantic turkeys, escaped from the farm, would show up in his back yard, and he and his siblings would try to hide them. Have you ever tried to usher a crazed turkey behind a bush? It’s not easy. He attended art classes at the Baum School of Art and got a degree in Creative Writing from Haverford College. He tried writing for television, but found nobody wanted to hear his stories about freaked out turkeys. Or about how an unhinged turkey once bit his younger brother on the toe. It’s true, really. Tony lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter. He can be found online at

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