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"A Bad Case of the Almosts" - a bookwrap



"A Bad Case of the Almosts"

Authored by Janet Sumner Johnson
Illustrated by Alexandra Colombo


* Reading Age:  4-8 years

* Grade Level:  1-2 

* Hardcover:  32 pages

* Publisher:  Capstone Editions

* Pub. Date: Jan. 01, 2023

* ISBN-10:  1684465370

* ISBN-13:  978-1684465378

* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

 Abby, an adorable little girl, is obsessed with the term "almost" running her life.  She "almost" beat her brother to the bathroom, "almost" finished cleaning up her room, "almost" got 100 percent on her science test, and "almost" had enough money to buy a toy dinosaur ... and the list goes on and on and on.    

When Abby witnesses another girl falling in the exact same place that she did,  sadly a face plant, Abby tells her she almost fell there too.  The girl stands back up and tells Abby she was lucky to "ALMOST" have fallen.  This gets Abby thinking could "almost" actually be a good thing?"  Mmmmmm?

Not always being able to do the things you want leaves one feeling sad and disappointed but it is part of life.  It is a lovely lesson to learn.

The illustrations are fantastic!  They are colourful and expressive and full of emotion and humour.  The author has included The Decision Tree at the end of the book which was a stroke of genius.  It is a visual for kids who need an example of how to make decisions and manage how they react to problems that may occur in their life.  The book is well written and inspirational.  This would be an excellent book to include in a classroom setting and in the school library.  I love the book and highly, highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Janet Sumner Johnson has been writing for as long as she can remember. She bakes a mean cinnamon twist and eats way more cookies than are good for her, which explains her running habit. Though her full-time occupation as Mom takes most of her time, she sneaks in writing at night when her inner funny bone is fully unleashed. Janet lives in Utah with her husband and three kids.

About the Illustrator

Alexandra’s passion is writing and illustrating poems, fairy tales and narrative picture book stories.

Alexandra was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and attended secondary school in Italy, specialising in scientific studies and then studied at the Milan European Institute of Design, receiving a degree in illustration.

Alexandra’s charming artwork captures the magic, idiosyncrasies and unique personalities of children and animals in memorable, colourful settings.

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