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Remember Us with Smiles - a bookwrap



Remember Us with Smiles 

by Grace and Gary Jansen

illustrated by Barbara Bongini


* Reading Age:  4+

* Grade Level:  PS-3

*Length: 32 pages

* Publisher:  Loyola Press

* Pub. Date:  May 3, 2022

* ISBN-10: 0829453725

* ISBN-13:  978-0929453720

* Language:  English

"Remember Us with Smiles will spark the creativity of children of all ages and help them tell them own stories." --Deepak Chopra, New York Times bestselling author

Editorial Reviews

"Gary and Grace Jansen's warmth and beautiful spirit literally exude from each page. This is the perfect book to curl up to at the end of each day as parents and kids read, snuggle, reminisce, and best of all, smile. Remember Us with Smiles will no doubt be a beloved book and a phrase that all parents will include in their hopes and dreams!" –Angela C. Santomero, award-winning author, creator of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and co-creator of Blue's Clues 

"Storytelling is what distinguishes our species from all others. The earlier our children participate in storytelling, the better will be the future of humanity. Remember Us with Smiles will spark the creativity of children of all ages and help them tell their own stories." –Deepak Chopra, international bestselling author of On My Way to A Happy Life

"Remember Us with Smiles is about the magic of love and family, and it's a reminder to stay connected to what really matters—each other! This beautiful book made me smile, tear up and feel happy to visit my own memories. I look forward to reading this book over and over again with my kids. I can't recommend it more strongly for all families to read together!" –Kimberly Snyder, New York Times best-selling author of You Are More Than You Think You Are

"While we parents work to create lasting memories in our children's lives, it's often the simplest moments of everyday life that make the most lasting impressions. With gentle, engaging prose by Gary and Grace Jansen and delightful illustrations by Barbara Bongini, Remember Us with Smiles will help every family create and treasure their own magical moments. Destined to touch and impact hearts!" –Lisa M. Hendey, founder of and author of I'm a Saint in the Making

"A charming love letter to children and parents alike. Remember Us with Smiles teaches that no matter how "adult" kids become, and no matter how many details of their childhood they forget, they can always retrieve the eternal spirit of youthfulness by simply remembering the joy they had and the joy they gave when they were growing up." –Anthony DeStefano, bestselling author of Little Star

"Reminding us of the importance of cherishing everyday moments Remember Us with Smiles is a delightful and charming read for both young and old. A perfect gift for a family, grandparents, children, or for use in the classroom. Remember Us with Smiles is destined to be a timeless classic that captures your heart!" –Julianne Stanz, author of Braving the Thin Places

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

 "Remember Us with Smiles" is a heartwarming book that should be in every home, classroom and school library.  Each family is unique and the memories that they make together are treasures to be kept deep in their hearts.  

The book is a celebration of special moments that families capture as they live life together, no matter how humble those moments may be.  Children of all ages will be encouraged to tuck away the fun and challenging times to replay later on in their lives as they get older.  "Remember Us with Smiles" will assure family members that they are cherished and loved now and forever more.                                                               

The illustrations are colourful, vibrant and beautiful bringing the gentle message alive.  This is a perfect book to share in a family time gathering or at bedtime.  I love the book and highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Authors

Gary Jansen is a popular speaker and the author of several books, including the multi-award-winning MicroShifts, The 15-Minute Prayer Solution, Station to Station, Life Everlasting, and the memoir Holy Ghosts. Jansen has appeared on A&E, the Sundance Channel, the Travel Channel, Coast to Coast AM,, and NPR. His writing has been featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Angelus, and Religion Dispatches. Jansen worked at Penguin Random House for 25 years where he was the editor on several New York Times bestsellers. He is now the executive editor of acquisitions at Loyola Press.

Grace Jansen is a certified personal trainer. She worked in the public school system for more than 20 years where she loved introducing students to good books. She and Gary have two sons who helped inspire this book.

About the Illustrator

Barbara Bongini was born in Milan and knew at an early age that she wanted to be an artist. After graduating from the European Institute of Design, she pursued a career in children’s publishing. When not illustrating, Barbara enjoys spending time with her two children and going to bookstores so she can continue building her own library of illustrated books.

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