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" The Homesick Kitten (Pet Rescue Adventures) - a bookwrap



The Homesick Kitten (Pet Rescue Adventures) 

by Holly Webb

illustrated by Sophy Williams



* Reading Age:  6-9 years

* Grade Level:  1-4 

* Length:  128 pages

* Publisher:  Tiger Tales

* Pub. Date:  March 4, 2023

* ISBN-10:  1664340424

*ISBN-13:  978-1664340428

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

Harper adores her sweet new kitten, Sammy.  He is so much fun and loves looking out their window, discovering new things in their apartment and of course going outside and playing in the garden.  She cannot spend enough time with him.  

Unfortunately Harper's grandma takes a nasty tumble and because of her injury Harper and her family decide to move in with their beloved grandma to help her navigate life and heal.  It is a major change for the whole family but especially for Sammy. 

Sammy misses his old home and one day escapes and head back to his real home.  Oh my!  

Things are not so wonderful on his journey back and Sammy discovers that home is where your heart is... and in Sammy's case?  It's with his family wherever they may be. 

The illustrations are soft and in black and white.  This heartwarming book is part of the best-selling Pet Rescue Adventures series by Holly Webb.  I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Holly Webb started out as a children's book editor and wrote her first series for the publisher she worked for. She has been writing ever since, with more than one hundred books to her name. Holly lives in Berkshire with her husband and three children. Holly's pet cats are always nosing around when she is trying to type on her laptop.

About the Illustrator

Sophy Williams has been illustrating children's books for more than 25 years. She has illustrated the work of many prestigious authors, including Philip Pullman, Geraldine McCaughrean, and Adèle Geras. Sophy lives in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, UK.

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