Thursday, May 28, 2009

Changing name of blog

Soon I will be changing this blog's name. Name's are important and I have thought long and hard about this change to come. I need to still keep the importance of stories and books alive and well but make the title cute and catchy. Keep tuned in the next few days for the unveiling of the new name for this blog. Please keep following me as I rant and pour out my passion for wonderful kids books that are crying out to be read aloud and given a loving home to live in. I will always be a kids books lover! When it comes to them I am ageless. I had a wonderful professor once whose office was ceiling to floor stacked with amazing kid books. He made me feel normal and I felt I had met a kindred spirit. David Booth is still very much alive and well and spreading that good news of exciting children's stories. He literally (both figuratively and literally) changed my life. He is totally Canadian and has written many wonderful books himself. Check him out - he's brilliant and one of my inspirations for what I do now.

I will announce the new name before June1st.

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