Monday, June 8, 2009

I challenge you to read outside this summer

Be sure to find interesting ways that you encourage your little ones to read outdoors. Have a special book basket ready to take into the back yard with you. Find secluded places to hide yourself away to read. Throw some books in a hammock, how about a tent? Set one up in the back yard and not only have a sleepover outdoors but use it by day for a little playroom filled with good books to read. Front porch, back porch, read while you are on the swing, or bouncing on a trampoline (try reading out loud as you zoom off the thing and bounce back down). Read in the car, on trips, at the beach, at Grandma's and Grandpa's. Try to take some pictures of the most unusual places that you actually read this summer. Try underwater. You can get plastic books to do that with....or in the tub after a muddy, rainy, day outside. The sky is the limit....did I say sky? An airplane read would be exciting. Let me know some unique places that you cracked open and read a book. Send me a picture to if you like. My email to send it to is I will post your pictures and comments if you send them to me on this blog. Just have fun and read your head off, anytime, anywhere. Reading is always in fashion.

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