Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Sentiments

There are many creative Apps for Kids that you can obtain.  One I want to highlight this morning is
"Word Mover."  The Impressive ReadWriteThink iPad apps are excellent, free and educational-encouraging kids to create and share content.

WordMover allows kids, teens and adults to create "found Poetry" by choosing word banks and existing famous works.  Users can add new words to create a piece of poetry by moving and manipulating the text.  It is very creative and simple to use.  I have used magnet words but find them limited and restrictive to their word choices.  With WordMover you are able to create your own words to get the perfect ones that your poem or activity needs.  Nice backgrounds are available to choose from also.  You can save your work to camera roll and then share your creations via email and social media.

You can also create sentences, play rhyming word games, increase vocabulary, play games and activities, parents can type the beginning of a sentence and have child finish it and kids can choose the words to play with without typing them.

WordMover, like I said, can be saved to camera roll and word collections can be stored and enjoyed at a later time.  All in all it is a great free app to check out.  I know your kids will love it.

Have an awesome Saturday.

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