Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Sentiments.....

"To sit alone in the lamplight with a book spread out before you, and hold intimate converse with men of unseen generations-such is a pleasure beyond compare."
                                         ~Kenko Yoshida

Hi everyone and welcome to my Saturday blog post.  Wow!  What a night here with a wicked storm hammering down and the dogs quaking in their fur....glad it is over and we all survived.  I had to smile as I read the quote of the day because that is just what I had to do last night....sit, not surrounded by lamplight, but with candles and flashlights and try not to have internet withdrawals because the power was off for a while.  Reading a book by candlelight is quite a challenge but doable and of course, the book always is great no matter what light you bask it in!   Happy Saturday to you today.

Reading is magic.  Pure magic.  The ability to take those squiggles on the pages of a book and make sense of them and then cry out for more is  totally mind blowing.  When you encourage your child to read and motivate yourself to do so too, you are actually conferring two special magical powers on yourselves - the power to solve problems, and the power to enter other worlds.

Reading is empowerment.  When you have a problem, often that problem can be solved by reading something about it.  If you need to take a bus to another city, you can read to find out how.  If you want to pan for gold or learn how to skydive you can find books or web sites to help.  When you cannot defeat the wicked Green Dragon on level 3 of a game, use the magical power of reading on a cheat sheet, or email Grandma to ask her for help.  (yea right!)

Reading is also a wonderful escape from reality.  Everyone has ties in their lives when they want to be distracted or entertained. By reading a book, you can enter into someone else's life and walk a mile in their shoes.  If we all did this, it would increase tolerance in our society, because people hate what they fear or don't understand.  Opening up the world of books to a child means giving him the power to enter other's worlds.

But hang on there, there's more!  Aside from reading's magical properties, it's a gift that won't wear out, and it's inexpensive.  Books are portable, quiet and stimulate the imagination.  They also make awesome gifts. (By the way when was the last time you used a book as a gift? )  A book won't grow too big, bark annoyingly, and have to be returned to the pet shelter.  You do not have to run to the local store and buy it batteries either.  Save on paper by buying an easy-to-wrap book, or go paperless and give an ebook or magazine subscription for your child's next birthday.

Better still, upgrade that gift and add writing, too!  Whew go all out!!! I give you my word and a money back guarantee that encouraging your kids to read and write will make both them and you feel absolutely fantastic!

Read on and read always!

Hey just want you to know that if you read this blog, are happy with this blog and want to become a member, I would so like that.  Leave comments too so we can converse back and forth.  What are you reading to your kids that they just love?  How do you find the books that I have just reviewed?  Any reading tips and suggestions that you would like to pass along to the other readers?  Want to be a guest poster?  (Just made that word up).   Anyhow I would like feedback from my visitors.  Nice to know you enjoy being here and I would like to connect with you.  Really I would.  Enjoy your day and the rest of your weekend.  :) Smile lots.

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