Friday, April 11, 2014

Poetry is from the soul for the soul......


                The answer to yesterday's book is:  "The Bridge to Terabithia" by Kathern Paterson

                              Today's book quote:  "All children, except one, grow up."

A little while ago on Storywraps (March 10, /14) we were honoured to highlight the talent of Howard Eisenberg.....

He penned three great rhyming books for kids:

And has created an amazing CD with top-notch musicians also:

                     (The books and CD can be purchased at

I highly recommended them for you to purchase for your children.  Not only are they entertaining but educational and interactive as well.  In our email dialoguing I asked Howard if perhaps he would pen me a short poem, a ditty or a jingle that I could use for poetry month.  He heartily agreed and had it in my hands in 24 hours.

I must admit I was overjoyed he accepted my proposal because he is a very busy man with many ongoing projects.  Here is an exclusive poem, written specifically for Storywraps, for Poetry month,  from the master rhymer himself, Howard Eisenberg.  Thank you Howard so much for this and blessing us with your gift of poetry.

Pick up your quill pens everyone
Before the month of May
You've got to write a brand-new poem
Every single day.
It's already April 2nd
And it is well past time
To polish up your meter
And to enhance your rhyme.
To gaze at nature with bright orbs
Admire fleece-decked skies
Perhaps to pen an ode
To McDonald's crispy fries.
Exalt life in all its glory
A moonbeam. Fence of pickets.
Even lyrically enthuse about
Your latest parking tickets.
Ope wide observant retinas
Squash inhibitions. Also fear.
For 30 days become a bard.
Nat'l Poetry Month is here.

Sir Howard

                                                     *( can only be used with permission from Howard Eisenberg)

The "Obediently" came from the fact that I asked him (nicely of course) to write something and he obeyed my wish and the "Sir"  Howard is a a whole other story.  

Enjoy this month geared to poetry and be sure to collect some poems, read some poems and share some poems with your kids. 

Read on and read always!  

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