Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fired up? Is your temper showing?

Feuding Friends

I woke up this morning in such a bad mood,
And all through the day I've been surly and rude.
As my friend and I are embroiled in a feud,
So with anger I find myself all but consumed!

It started this week when he misplaced a book,
And since then he's thrown me some terrible looks.
Now this book that he thinks without asking, I took,
He wants back and will get it by hook or by crook!

See this book he's convinced that I swiped without trace,
He just couldn't locate in its usual place.
So his temper incensed, he blamed me face to face,
And demanded this book, straight away, I replace!

But I couldn't as this book I do not possess,
So I tried to explain but just upped his distress.
And he stamped on the floor blaming me for this mess,
Hoping that he could make me give up and confess!

But what he doesn't know is the book I have seen,
And in view of his mood, to explain I'm not keen.
For the day in his house when he'd first caused the scene,
I saw it whizz round in their washing machine!
©2003 Gareth Lancaster
Good day everyone.  Happy Wednesday to you.  Glad you dropped by to check out my featured book today.  You are always welcome here.  Let's see what's on tap for you and your child's reading pleasure.....

Title:  Sams Pet Temper
Author:  Sangeeta Bhadra
Illustrator:  Marion Arbona
Release Date:  September 1, 2014

Take a peek inside:

My take on the book: 
There is a little monster that lives deep inside each one of us and he waits for us to open the door and invite him into our lives so he can cause havoc and sometimes shame within us.  His name is Temper and he is a mischievous little rascal that can get out of control if we let him.  He is like a pet indeed.  He needs rules, discipline and above all boundaries!  Sam finds his temper while playing in the playground with the other kids one day.  He is annoyed, frustrated and gets plain mad when he has to line up and wait for his turn.  It's then that he encounters his temper and invites him home.  His temper, although a part of him, gives him lots of grief.  His troubles escalate to the point that Sam finally comes to realization that he has to be the master, he has to say no, and he has the capability of doing just that. Sam can rule his temper....what a revelation!   He rises to occasion and takes full responsibility.  His temper starts out as a playful little kitten then morphs into a ferocious, hurtful lion, forcing Sam to come to recognize that yes, he, Sam can  become like a mighty lion tamer and put his emotions, and especially his temper, under control once again.  

The illustrations are mixed media - pencil, gouache and photoshop, very imaginative and expressive.  I like this book a lot.  It will certainly give parents and teachers a wonderful opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of tempers and how you can work with them to keep them under control and put them back in their cage where they belong.  

About the author:  

Sangeeta Bhadra studied biology in university, but couldn't resist her lifelong love of writing stories for children. Sam's Pet Temper is her first picture book. She lives in Brampton, Ontario.

Marion Arbona is the award-winning illustrator of numerous children's books. She lives in Montreal, Quebec.
About the illustrator:
She is an award-winning illustrator of numerous children's books. After obtaining a film animation diploma from the École Nationale des Arts Dècoratifs in Paris she settled in Montreal, Quebec.  Marion's work has garnered many honours, including nominations for Canada's prestigious governor General's Award.  She almost always remembers to wait her turn on the playground. 

                                               Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!  Have a wonderful day everyone.

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