Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kid power rules.....

Quote of the day:  

                  "She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live." - Annie Dillard

Today's featured book:

Title:  If Kids Ruled the World
Author:  Linda Bailey
Illustrator: David Huyck
Ages:  3-6

Let's peek inside shall we?  You're going to find great stuff there....

My take on the book:

Well I'm voting for the kids to rule the world in the next election.  I think I would be less stressed, have more friends and yes, copias amounts of playtime would do me good.  This book let's you step out of your confined and restricted adulthood and see the world through kid's eyes.  What fun is happening, what bonding with kids, adults and animals -  and if you look at every picture, the smiles are a mile wide.  Both young and old are invited to a world where birthday cake is recommended by your doctor, beds are never made, modes of travel are limited only by your imagination and sidewalks are trampolines.  You can choose to be a prince or princess, what kind of pet you want and baths are up to!  I like how they think don't you?  The message is that if we all enter into their frivolity and spirited life no one on the planet will forget how to play and we will free ourselves from our everyday, mundane, boring life.  

Huyck's digital illustrations are full of life and vigour and everyone young and old will be delighted with them.  Kids of all ethnicities come together to spend quality time as they play to their heart's content.  Kids rule and happiness results. 

We all have an inner child in us that needs to be let out often to romp, play, create and be footloose and fancy-free.  A lovely reminder that it is alright to do that.....laughing and silliness is allowed, no matter what your age.  Power to the kids!

About the author:

I was born and grew up in Winnipeg.  In my twenties, I traveled around the world, mostly by ship, working in England and Australia. Then I moved to Vancouver, where I earned a B.A. and an M.Ed. at the University of British Columbia.  Vancouver is really beautiful.  I still live here, a five-minute walk from the ocean. I'm an ex-college teacher, an ex-editor, an ex-travel agent and . . .
Now I'm the author of more than twenty books for kids.  Best known are the Stevie Diamond mystery series, the Good Times Travel Agency adventures, and the picture books about Stanley the dog, illustrated by Bill Slavin.  Many of my books have now travelled around the world — just like me. 

About the illustrator:

I'm David Huyck (say it like "Hike"), and I am an illustrator, cartoonist, animator, printmaker, painter, and curious artist of many other kinds. I love to draw and make stuff, and one of my very favorite things to make is books for children and their grown-ups.
Raised near Chicago, I grew up half a block from the candy store in one direction, and half a block from the playground in the other. Along with a limitless supply of Legos, cartoons, and all genres of books, the resulting high-fructose queasiness is the source for everything I have made ever since.
In addition to making my award-winning illustrations (recognized by Graphis, How, Print and Communication Arts), I have been a teacher, a computer programmer, and a diazo blueline press operator. From 2009-2011, I created and ran the collaborative print project, Cloudy Collection, and from 2009 until its decommissioning in 2013, I was a contributor to the illustration and cartooning blog, Drawn! I have also been a printmaker, a painter, a sculptor, and I got my mother's old sewing machine in 2005, which I have used numerous times in my clandestine unicorn-cloning experiments.
I live with my family in Northfield, MN, where I try to spend as much time as I can being outside, pencils-in-hand or not.


Book review rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!  May your day be without rules...use the kid's rules.

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