Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Unwrapping - Pizza....yum!

Ok how do you unwrap a book about pizza without salivating and drooling and wanting a great big slice right now? Whether you are reading this blog early morning, high noon or late at night, pizza is one food that has universal appeal.  Any time is the perfect time for a huge cheesy bite right?  I will wipe down my screen now and proceed.....

Quotes of the day:

"People come and go but pizza is for life."
-Mike Birbiglia

"Pizza is not a trend. It's a way of life."

"Happiness is....pizza."

"There's no "we" in p(i)zza"

"I won't be impressed with technology until I can download pizza."

Unwrapping a gem today....

What Every Child Needs To Know About Pizza was written by R. Bradley Snyder and Marc Engelsgjerd. The layout is simple with fabulous photos to drive the text to perfection. 

Unwrapping the book and inhaling deeply just in case it's a scratch and sniff:

This classy, savvy board board is both creative and educational.  Filled full of colourful, eye-popping photos and easy to understand text, this book is sure to be a hit with the young pizza-lovers in your family. 

Where did pizza originate?  What makes it a unique food?  Where in the world is it eaten?  Is it a popular food? (Americans eat 350 slices of it every second).  Wow! Who knew?  How did it get to my country and my table?  (This concept brings the modern world into focus for your child).  What are the special ingredients you need to make the perfect pizza?  These and many other mind-boggling questions are answered in the book in a fun and enlightening way. 

Pizza is eaten by both the rich and the poor and after you read this book to your child she will not only have a greater understanding of this simple but complex food but have you on your phone ordering one up for the whole family to enjoy together ...  (of course something you would do only after you read the book right?). I highly recommend this book.

Delizioso! Bon appΓ©tit! Gozar de! and in English....Yum!!

 I was also sent: What Every Child Needs To Know About Punk Rock and What Every Child Needs To Know About The Economy from the authors.  I intend to unwrap these books individually for you and not just give them honourable mentions.  They are worthy of your attention and I know your child will be delighted with them too. 

Who are these guys who authored this book?

R. Bradley Snyder is a recognized expert on the behaviors and preferences of children and adolescents. Trained in research methods and developmental psychology, he is best known for his work with children and youth, ranging from usability testing with hemophilic teenagers to pilot testing for the Cartoon Network to conducting focus groups with youth inside juvenile prisons. He has won the prestigious Innovations in American Government Award from Harvard University. Brad is the author of numerous studies and is a regular speaker at conferences. The author of The 5 Simple Truths of Raising Kids, he lives in Scottsdale, AZ.

Marc Engelsgjerd oversees the oncology practice of a healthcare consultancy and has served as the director of clinical affairs at Veritas Medicine. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona and received his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco. He lives in New York City.

Read on and read always!  Oh by the way, reading is always better with a slice of pizza in your hand....trust me! :)

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