Monday, June 29, 2015

Animal Gas - a bookwrap

The book I am unwrapping today is just perfect for reluctant readers, especially boys, who are very into "potty" humour.  Let's take a look as I feature...

A Farty Farce

Written and illustrated by by Bryan Ballinger

Unwrapping some witty illustrations for you...

This witty, quirky, hilarious book is written in rhyme.  Take a whiff of what's in store for you...

"We all know that farts
are toxic to bear.
But my gas smells good,
like fresh mountain air."

"Your gas isn't fresh.
It's putrid and stale.
It blows out like smog
from under your tail."

Thus begins a jolly conversation between some pretty bizarre animals as they compare what they think their farts smell like to the  real deal.  The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind.....yes it is for sure.

One by one they disclose their own personal interpretation of the aroma that is emitted.  They compare their toot's smells to things like: warm clothes coming out of the dryer, the beach or a gentle tropical breeze, yummy fried bacon, sweet scented potpourri, mouth-watering quiche and even shooting rainbows, (however they smell). They quickly learn that perhaps their idea of delicious may be completely different than reality.  I totally love the surprise is just great and made me laugh out loud!

The offbeat illustrations portray comical details and the author/illustrator uses skilled imagery as a means of relaying a sense of smell.  The book is extremely humorous and very, very kid-friendly.  I am sure all ages will get a good laugh because come on you know it....everyone breaks wind...and you "nose" it.

About the author...

Bryan Ballinger’s specialty is in the design and illustration work of digital media including 3D CGI skills in modeling, texturing, lighting and animation. He has more than 20 years of experience in this area focusing on graphics for CD-Rom titles, web, film, video and print.
He was a freelance illustrator with clients such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney and Harley Davidson. He was also the lead 3D designer for five years at Big Idea Productions, the creators of VeggieTales. Before that, Professor Ballinger spent six years as a Senior Designer and Illustrator at the Microsoft Corporation where he was awarded a patent for development of multimedia buttons.
Professor Ballinger earned his B.F.A. in Illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design and finished his M.F.A. from Lesley University in June 2006.
Professor Ballinger’s work has been included in the book "Drawing Inspiration," Phil Vischer’s "What’s in the Bible" DVDs and the VeggieTales book, "God Loves You Very Much."
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