Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Worms - a bookwrap


Author:  Bernard Friot

Illustrator:  Aurélie Guillerey

Ages:  4-7

Unwrapping some of the illustrations...

About the book...

A small boy is forced to attend a dinner party given by his dad for executives from his father's company.  He can hardly stand it...he is is so bored.  Finally his father asks him to go get the salads from the kitchen. The boy eagerly agrees, anything to escape this tediousness.  

As he eyes the salads a mischievous little thought enters into his head: 

"I'm not sure why, but looking at the salads, I suddenly thought of worms." he explains. "The worms I use for fishing bait that I keep in the fridge, way at the back, behind the yogurt." 

Dare he even think of what to do with them next?  Yep, he schemes and he smiles and then he adds an extra garnish to the salad - one that will liven up the deadly party for sure.  Oh my!

With an impish grin the little boy rolls the salads back to the dining room and proudly serves his special of the day. The illustrations take it from there.  You will have a good chuckle as you observe the guests reactions as they discover the hidden surprises embedded ( and wiggling ) in their salads.  The little boy turns boring into entertaining!  

The illustrator does a brilliant job of adding humorous touches and wonderful details through body language and shocked facial expressions on both the guests and the worms.  

This would be a great read-aloud and kids would be disgusted at the very thought of not only finding a worm in their salad but having to eat it!  Yew!!  Laughter will ensue and discussions will be had regarding how each of the adults responded to their squirmy discovery.

You will simply love the ending of the story.  Sometimes what goes around comes around...there enough said.  I highly recommend this book and caution you to check out your salads very carefully from now on.  

About the author and illustrator ...

BERNARD FRIOT is a teacher and author who has written more than 50 books for children and teens, and has translated just as many from German and Italian. He lives in Besançon, France.

AURÉLIE GUILLEREY studied decorative arts in Strasbourg, and has since illustrated many children’s books, including Tell Me About Colors, Shapes, and Opposites. She lives in Rennes, France, with her husband and young son. 

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