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The Only Way I Can - a bookwrap

Haven't we all at some time in our life looked up in the sky and envied the birds soaring high overhead, free and gliding on invisible wind power.  Have you, like me, tried to imitate a bird in flight, flap your arms and believe that you too could become airborne and soar up into the puffy white clouds? ............. How'd it work for you?   Did it happen? 

Today's story is about a little bunny who wanted so much to take to the skies too.  Wonder if he will succeed in his quest? 


"The Only Way I Can"

Authored by Bonnie Grubman
Illustrated by Caroline Westermann
Ages 4+

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations for you...

About the book...

This charming book is about an adorable little rabbit who has a wish he holds deep inside of him, a wish he wants very much to come to fruition:

"Rabbit gazed up at the graceful bird.
"Yoo-hoo," he called. "How do you do that?"
"Do what?" asked Bird.
"Fly with such ease."
" I was meant to," he said. "I was born to soar the skies."
"I wish I could fly," said Rabbit.
"Really?" Where would you go if you could?".....

Thus begins a tale of how Bird coaches Rabbit hoping to help his little friend fulfill his dream of soaring through the skies just himself.

It is not an easy task to fly as Rabbit soon finds out. He flaps his arms, pumps his muscles, has a magical attachment made from Bird's own feathers fastened to him, does copious training exercises and runs with the wind, but alas, nothing gets him airborne. Why Rabbit's feet do not even budge off of the ground one tiny bit.  Oh my, what is poor Rabbit to do?  

After many failures Rabbit has a brilliant idea as to how he can once and for all fulfill his dream of flying high.  He runs straight  towards a cliff which makes Bird panic.  Bird thought Rabbit was going to dive straight off and try and soar freely like an eagle.  Is that Rabbit's plan do you think?  Will he be silly enough to try such a dangerous stunt or does he have something completely different in mind.... something that will have him fulfill his dream and bring him the satisfaction of feeling the ultimate ...  flying freely through the air?  Bird, a loyal friend as always, hears Rabbit's plan and like bird's of a feather....they stick together to make Rabbit very, very  happy bunny.

The illustrations are colourful, full of action and very expressive.  It's a lovely book about helping each other, believing in each other and celebrating with each other unique qualities.  I highly recommend this book with it's very positive message... never give up... and yes you can!

Storywrap hugs... 5 Hugs!!!!!

About the author...

Once upon a time I was a little girl growing up in a six story building. Johnny the Ice Cream Man would pull his shiny white truck into the bus stop and resound the musical magic of his simple bell. I’d make a mad dash off the stoop and scream like crazy for my Mom. She would wrap a quarter in a napkin ball, and toss it out the fifth floor window. For twenty five cents I could buy a delicious chocolate éclair bar and even get change.

     Ahh yes, there was nothing better than cooling off on the fire escape with Johnny's ice cream and a stack of books. I loved reading; especially picture books. The stories sparked my imagination, and transported me to faraway places without ever having to leave home. They made me laugh, and taught me lessons I still remember. YEP! Picture books rock as far as I’m concerned. And they’re not just for kids.

     Indeed, I have to be one of the luckiest “kids” in the whole wide world to have fallen in love with picture books, to have worked in early childhood education and to have had the dream of getting published come true.

     I am grateful for my very wonderful family, to all the children who have inspired me, and to my grandchildren Julian and Grant; most especially. Because nothing is more exhilarating than to breathe their air, surround myself with their honest silliness and share their joy and curiosity in everything they see.

About the illustrator...

Since I graduated at the School of the arts Utrecht I started working as a freelance illustrator. I work on my own designs and for orders and assignments. My work is characterized by its spherical and narrative style and love for traditional materials.    I specialize in illustrating for children’s books and magazines. Since I travelled the world I starting working on my own illustrated product-line. . This line consists prints, porcelain and sculptures.
For questions please contact me.
2009 / 2013 Bachelor of illustration, Utrecht School of the Arts
2012 Erasmus, Lucerne School of the Arts
2004 / 2009 Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
2014 Children Novel, Rafelijntje, Publisher Uitgeverij Xanten

2013 VPRO Gids

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