Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Can you find my robot's arm? - a bookwrap

Greetings Earthlings... I have a huge problem on my hands... uuhhh I only have one hand now because I lost my other arm with my hand attached to it !!! Oh my, can you help me find it?  This is a before-my-arm-went-missing picture... HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!


"Can you find my robot's arm?"

Created by Chihiro Takeuchi

Ages 2-5

Unwrapping some amazing illustrations...

About the book...

Robot is having a bad day.  He lost his arm and can't tell where to find it.  His Robo pet tries his best to give him a hand to locate it but alas they are unable to discover its whereabouts.   

They then get a brilliant idea... why not to try a substitute arm... now that may help. They try a fork replacement ...will that work?  No, afraid not.  A broom? A pencil? A fish bone? A lollipop? Ah ha....a pair of scissors will do the trick nicely, yes?  No..... none of these random objects suffice.  Poor Robot what is he to do without his beloved arm?  

The duo then decide to widen their net and explore outside their house. They scour the garden, the amusement park, the library, even a sweet shop, just to cite a few.  Any luck you suppose?   No. Nada. None.  Where oh where can Robot's arm be? This is very puzzling indeed.  It could not have just disappeared into thin air.  

Will Robot ever find his dearly loved arm?  He really is attached to it...  mmmm...  or was!  Kids will love the silliness of the tale and both kids and adults will ogle at the intricacy and beauty of the amazing handcut images that drive the story home.  

This is a wonderful book...  and I highly recommend it...  hands down. 

Storywraps rating...  5+ Hugs!!!!!+

About the creator of the book...

CHIHIRO TAKEUCHI is a renowned paper cut artist living in Osaka, Japan. In 2015, Chihiro was part of a select group of artists to exhibit at the prestigious Bologna Book Fair. She has created several books in Japanese. Can You Find My Robot’s Arm? is her first children’s picture book in English. The author lives in Osaka, Japan.

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