Saturday, February 4, 2017

I Don't Want a Rabbit - a bookwrap


Authored by Ingrid Prins
Illustrated by Jelena Brezovec

Ages  5+

Unwrapping some Editorial Reviews

"A sweet story about loss and moving on. I especially appreciated that the author dealt with the death of a pet in a realistic manner.” ― Julie Mitchell, educator

"Losing a pet is hard and it seems even harder when you start thinking about getting a new pet. …. heartfelt and touching.” ― Stephanie Turner, Cover 2 Cover blog

"A beautifully illustrated story that shows us that often the thing we don't want is exactly what we need.” ― Leanne Millman, Crooked Tree Library

Some wonderful illustrations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

Have you ever lost a beloved pet?  The big hole it leaves in your heart convinces you that you never want another pet again?  How could a new one be as wonderful as your last one?  The pain and grief you carry each and every day is very hard to bear.

Timothy discovers his beautiful rabbit, Blossom, not breathing in her cage one day and finds it so hard to accept the fact that she is gone from his life forever.  His parents want to get another rabbit to replace her but Timothy's heart is still hurting and raw from the loss of  sweet Blossom and doesn't want another bunny in his life. Saying goodbye and letting go of a cherished pet is very hard to do indeed. 

Then one morning Timothy opens his door and finds a little brown bunny outside wanting to come inside.  He tries many ways to discourage it and tries to chase it away.  He is still adamant he does not want another rabbit.  The persistent little bunny through a stroke of luck hops right through the door and you know where it eventually lands?  Yep, right into Timothy's heart.

This heartwarming book is a perfect way to discuss with your child about the caring and letting go of a dear family member .... the family pet.  I highly recommend this book. 

About the author and illustrator respectively...

Ingrid Prins (1973, the Netherlands) studied Social Work and Services and later Information Services and Management. Apart from reading and writing she likes going to the theater and the cinema. Some say she likes rabbits too, but she rarely talks about that herself. Animals seem to be a recurring theme in her work, though, and dreams too. Pets and a dream about an unexpected visit inspired her to writing "I Don t Want a Rabbit!" She lives in Leiden, Netherlands.

Jelena Brezovec (1980, Croatia) studied sociology and for a long time, drawing was just a hobby of hers. But this changed in 2008, when she co-founded Evenio, where she works as an illustrator and creative editor. Her book "Dance Recital" won a National Indie Excellence Book Award. She lives in Vara din, Croatia. 

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