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Kisses for Kindergarten - a bookwrap


"Kisses for Kindergarten" 

Authored by Livingstone Crouse
Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan

Ages 3+
Preschool and up

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations...

About the book...

Stella Isabella Harden
contemplating kindergarten
declared she didn't have to go,
because her puppy told her so.

Let me begin by saying I loved everything about this book.  The illustrations just knock it out of the park.  They ooze happiness and love and are so inviting to a young reader to encourage him to read on.  The message, written in rhyme, is humorous, inspiring and just great fun.

The school bell is about to toll and Stella Isabella Harden has made up her mind to skip kindergarten because her puppy, Buster, told her to do it.  

"He speaks in wags and kisses.  I can hear them plain as day."

She has to find a way to convince her parents that that's the right thing for her to do.  She decides to reimagine kindergarten and zooms off with her puppy to make it happen.  They have outdoor playtime together and end up on the park swings. Their picnic snack doesn't go as planned but who cares.... BIG slobbery kiss smacks from Buster make everything alright.  Next comes naptime followed by story time. There's a small problem when Stella Isabella Harden  opens the book and tries to read... she falters and realizes that she is unable to read the words aloud to her best buddy Buster which makes him sad.  Oh my!  Can wise Buster convince Stella that maybe, just maybe, Kindergarten must become a reality so she can read her favourite books to her beloved canine... him?  

This perfect read-aloud and heartwarming tale is a joy to share with a little one that may be going off to kindergarten for the first time.  This book is a winner from beginning to end and I highly, highly recommend it.   The happiness contained between the covers will spill out on you and you will find yourself smiling... guaranteed. 

Storywrap rating... 5 HUGS and beyond!!!!!

About the author... 

Livingstone Crouse has spent the last 20 years either selling, editing, or writing books for children. He's even done all three at once! So recently he decided he'd focus entirely on writing the kinds of books he likes to read, books in verse that are filled with heart, word-play, and lots of laughs. Books like this one. Livingstone lives in a large, 200-year old farmhouse in New York's Hudson Valley with his husband and a dog named Kat. (And you can be fairly certain that Livingstone Crouse is not his real name. But don't tell anyone!)

About the illustrator...

Macky Pamintuan was born and raised in Davao, a city in the southern Philippines. As a young child, drawing was his favorite pastime and an activity that brought him delight and satisfaction. Early on, his parents discovered that giving him paper and pencil was a sure way to keep him busy, quiet, and out of trouble. He still remembers the day when he successfully drew Mickey Mouse and Superman, a huge breakthrough and a sweet triumph. He moved to San Francisco at age 21 and in 1998 enrolled in the Academy of Art College to pursue illustration. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in December 2003. When not illustrating, Macky enjoys playing basketball, his other true passion. 

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