Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Freckle Stars" - a bookwrap

Boy can I relate to today's featured book.  I grew up a redhead with a thousand freckles which I hated.  There was not a spot on my face where there wasn't a freckle, in fact some were so close to each other they smooshed together making a blurred blob.  My friends never teased me about them but my big sister sure did.  She used to laugh and want to play connect the dots.  She, being a blonde, had freckles too but they were much lighter and not as noticeable.  Me, being a redhead (which I used to get teased about too) had tons of those speckles.  My sister tried feeding me antidotes for getting rid of them... such as applying lemon juice or buttermilk.  Once she even told me to use the "poop" from a baby's diaper and that would work.  Thank goodness there were no babies around but I would not have tried that antidote anyway.  YUK. Gotta love big sisters.  The wonderful, delicious irony of my freckle dilemma?  Once I grew up my freckles disappeared from my face altogether, except for the ones on my arms... and her?  She still has hers.  Ha! Ha!  I got the last laugh. 

It's strange how once you get over yourself and grow older you look at others with freckles and think how beautiful and unique they are.   Oh I wish I had believed that many years ago, it would have saved me a lot of anguish growing up.  Thank you my dear school friends for never once teasing or bullying me about mine. I thank my lucky stars for that. 


"Freckle Stars"

Authored by Jackie Leduc
Illustrated by Prince Halem Corpin
Ages 3+

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations for you...

About the book...

"There was once a girl named Clementine who hated her freckles." And thus the story begins...

At school her classmates tease and taunt her regarding her freckles, calling her names and wanting to play connect the dots with them. This embarrasses her greatly and annoys her to no end.  Only the bus driver and her mother think they are beautiful, but Clementine wants to get rid of them forever.  

"How can I have skin like my friends?" she wonders. She is determined to find a way to make that happen.  Clementine tries to spread white chalk all over her to make her look normal but did it work?  NO. She sees mom putting on her makeup and decides to abscond her mom's liquid foundation and slathers that all over her.  Did that do the disappearing freckle trick?  NO.  Oh my!  She is heartbroken.  She feels that she is doomed to be a freckle-face forever and a day. Sadly she goes home to tell her mother exactly what is going on and how she is feeling.

After listening closely to her exasperated little daughter, her wise, sweet mother says, "Do you know what freckles are?  

The wisdom she then imparts to her heartsick daughter changes Clementine's attitude towards her freckles completely... mmmmmm????.... I wonder what she said?  From that day forth Clementine embraces her freckles wholeheartedly and lets them shine forth on her body so everyone can envy her and be jealous of the priceless treasures she now so proudly displays.  

Storywraps rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

Jackie Leduc is the author of two highly rated books: The Demonic Eyes and Bloody Nightmares. Leduc has completed and published her third book Freckle Stars, a children's story, all before turning eighteen. Leduc lives in Massachusetts where she majors in marketing. She spends her time- when not writing- taking photographs and reading a lot.

About the illustrator...

He is a very talented illustrator from the Philippines.  He illustrate stories using Photoshop.  He cares about Arts and Culture, children, the environment, health, human rights, and politics.  

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