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Sammy's BROKEN LEG and the AMAZING CAST THAT FIXED IT- a bookwrap

Unwrapping the buzz on the book...

Experts recommend SAMMY'S BROKEN LEG (OH, NO!) AND THE AMAZING CAST THAT FIXED IT for young children recovering from the physical and emotional upset of life interrupted by a cast:
"Comforting, sweet story...captures the feelings of the whole family. It realistically portrays the patience needed before a child is restored to full activity. This is a loving story that educates, encourages and entertains."

"A loving, sweet story of a little girl's broken leg and recovery that is informative and medically accurate."

"The book walks you through, and helps ease the anxiety, of the real life events that happen during Sammy's hospital visit and beyond. The surprise kisses are a brilliant and whimsical way to portray all of Sammy's get-well wishes, thoughts and prayers. They are Sammy's reminders of how much she is loved."

"This story about dealing with a [cumbersome] cast is just right. It is very nicely done."

"The best way to tell a big story is a small story well told. This is a must-read for children suffering from a broken leg or arm."


"Sammy's Broken Leg and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It"

Authored by Judith Wolf Mandell
Illustrated by Lise C. Brown

Illustrations to take a peek at...

About the book...

This book is perfect for a child who has injured herself and needs information and reassurance about how the doctors proceed with her complete recovery.  

Sammy, a rambunctious, adorable little girl cannot contain herself.  She loves to spin and twirl and is in continuous movement mode.  One day she takes an unfortunate tumble and ends up with a broken thigh bone.  Oh my!  In excruciating pain her mother whisks her off to the hospital and Sammy finds herself wrapped up in a restrictive cast that she finds hard to bear.  

She is not pleased with the body cast but with the help of loving parents, grandparents and friends she makes it through the long month of healing and is restored back to health once again.

The book documents Sammy's journey and is a wonderful book to share with a child if they too are experiencing a similar mishap.  The book encourages, calms fears for both the child and parents and delivers a very positive message to all.

The illustrations are colourful and kid-friendly.  They visually draw the child in so they can actually see what is happening to Sammy every step of the way.  

I loved the phantom Kisses (that whisper to only Sammy) and bestow upon her comfort and love as she struggles through this very difficult and painful time in her life.  

"One Kiss for a Boo-Boo. A Billion Kisses for a Cast!" is a loving remedy that will cast all fear aside.  The is an endearing book that I highly recommend. 

Storywraps rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

Judith Wolf Mandell has had a long, varied career as a journalist and publicist. She, her husband and Cockapoo live in Nashville, Tennessee in an angular,  absurd-for-their-age three-story house. This book, her first, is inspired by her granddaughter's "Oh, No" fall that landed her in a cast for a mostly woeful month.

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