Thursday, April 27, 2017

"It's Hard to Swim" - a bookwrap

Eden is sooooo excited!  Her best friend Ellie's new book has arrived and she can't wait to read it and see what Ellie is up to now. She is ready to dive in....

Oh look!!!! Ellie wrote her a note in the front of the book.... but of course....Ellie would send her love... that's what good friends do right?  They are both dachshunds and love each other so. Eden's blushing under all that fur and tickled pink. 

I help Eden unwrap her book... she can't wait. "Bark! Bark! Bark!"

"Hurry up please!!!! Ellie is waiting to talk to me...."


 "It's Hard to Swim"

Authored by K. J. Hales
Illustrated by Serene Wyatt

Ages: 3-5
Grades: PS - K

Eden is all cozy ready to look at the pictures because you know she cannot read the words...yet!  

Here's what she discovers...

Unwrapping some fantastic pictures for you to enjoy with her...

About the book... (this part is mine because I can read the words)

Ellie has surfaced once again to share Life's Little Lesson #2, "It's Hard to Swim".  Just as adorable as ever, this spunky pup with personality plus, learns what it's like to leave the land behind and become a sea hound.  Oh my! 

She is quite comfortable being a landlubber chasing balls, running and fetching and staying dry.  But then one day the power of her people (who love her dearly) force her to go beyond her comfort level.  They wrestle her down, wrap her in a bright yellow lifejacket contraption and in she goes!  

Ellie is scared and shaking and has to come to terms with her fate.  Will she sink to the depth of the sea and be bait for those underwater creatures that are lurking in the deep waiting for a fat little dachshund to devour?  Her other choice?  Ellie can face her fears, let go of her anxiety and go with the flow.  Will she decide to do it?  Can she succeed successfully?

The illustrations are vibrant, bright and ooze with still-life animation and pure fun.  Kids will love all the antics and expressions that this little gem of a dog can deliver and she does so on every page.  Written in rhyme this book is delightful. I highly, highly recommend it.

"I was cheering for you Ellie!  I knew you could do it my friend.  Way to go. Now you can come and teach me how to dog paddle in the deep.  I can't wait."

Storywraps rating - 5 High-paws AND BEYOND!!!.....

About the author...

Kim Hales is the founder of Open Door Press, Inc. and the author of the children's book series Life's Little Lessons by Ellie the Wiener Dog

After a career in the corporate business world, she was inspired to return to her passion for story and art, by of all things - her wiener dog. Shortly after Ellie came into her life, Kim picked up a yellow note pad and began writing humorous stories and doodles about the daily problems and perils of being a ''wiener dog.'' 

As the number of stories grew so did Kim's desire to share ''Life's Little Lessons'' with the world. She established Open Door Press to do just that. 

Kim lives in Southern California with her husband, her muse Ellie the Wienerdog, and Ellie's little sisters, Ruby and Pepper.

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It's a wrap.

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