Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Race Car Drivers and What They Do" - a bookwrap

 Kids will love learning about becoming and being a race car driver.  Buckle up... you're in for an exciting ride via today's featured book....


"Race Car Drivers and What They Do"
created by Liesbet Slegers

Ages 4-5

Unwrapping some kid-friendly illustrations...

About the book...

This delightful little book will surely be a hit with younger kids.  With simple terms and language the author describes what it takes to be a successful Formula 1 race car driver, a race that is very well-known all around the world.

The author describes how a driver prepares for a race with the proper fireproof gear to wear (even his underwear), how he painstakingly studies the circuit and finally she describes the big race day itself.  Slegers depicts an exciting event drawing crowds in the thousands that ends up with the winner of the race receiving a well-earned huge trophy and joining in on a happy celebration party that rewards all his team's efforts and very hard work.  Well done everyone! 

Kids will learn new vocabulary from the more advanced words introduced to the reader which is always a good thing.   The technicalities of a race that the author has included will draw kids into the story and the fun, child-like illustrations that are vibrantly coloured and full of action drive her message home.  What is that message?  It is that being a race car driver is challenging and very hard work.  The euphoric feeling that successful drivers experience as the black and white checkered flag waves in the breeze pumps them up to do it all over again in the next up-coming race. Race on..............

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About the author/illustrator...

Liesbet Slegers is a graphic designer, a children's book illustrator, and the author of numerous books including Me and Day, Me and the Seasons, Eating, Funny Ears, Happy Halloween!, Move!, and the Kevin and Katie series.


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