Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Jump & Jam" - a musicwrap

Dana’s Best … "Jump & Jam Tunes"

Multiple award-winning songwriter and teaching artist Dana returns to the national scene with a new label Music Playground and album

Dana’s newest release is high-energy, interactive music that will get kids moving! These upbeat tunes are hoppin' and boppin' fun that will inspire young children to jump, laugh, sing & dance along. Featuring a wide variety of musical styles from rock to bluegrass, jazz, country and pop, this album is a musical party for the whole family.

Unwrapping the buzz about Dana...

“Dana is completely wonderful! Her concerts are entertaining and educational, and her sparkling personality connects beautifully with her young audiences. Everyone loves her!”
Virginia Kayhart
The Newark Museum, NJ

“Dana’s performances were just wonderful- full of positive energy and just down right FUN! We would love to have her back for a third time!”
Jan Kleppinger
Special Events Coordinator, The Denver Zoo

“Can we list enough positive adjectives about this talented lady? Exuberant, upbeat, talented, flexible, professional, delightful, charismatic, magnetic and fun! Dana brings vitality and life to the stage, engaging the children in a way that makes the rest of us stand in awe.”
Nancy Bove
City of Burlington, VT

“Great show!! So professional! The kids were mesmerized with delight. Working with Dana is truly a wonderful experience. We would love to have her at every First Night we organize!”
Rita Smircich
First Night Westport, Weston, CT

“Dana’s performance is outstanding! She’s a definite crowd pleaser that brings the crowd to their feet with her energy, charm and creativity.”
Marianne Thompson
Executive Director, Jubilee CityFest, Al

About Dana and her new album...

Dana, a singer, songwriter and educator whose music has earned 17 national awards and acclaim from critics and families alike, leaps back into the scene with a brand-new collection of actions songs for kids.  

Through her five critically lauded albums and national tours, Dana has built a reputation for inviting youngsters to get off their screens and up dancing, jumping, playing and singing.  Dana's Best "Jump &Jam" tunes is her sixth highly interactive album release featuring 12 songs designed to get kids ages 2-7 moving, grooving and laughing.  Wordplay, catchy melodies, and top-notch musicianship make this an engaging album of mostly original songs for the whole family to enjoy. After taking a break from recording to raise her son, Jack, Dana is pleased to be creating music for children once again. 

Visit Dana at:  www.danasmusicplayground.com for updates

Unwrapping the Track List ...

* Jump and Jive
*Wiggle Workout
*Barnyard Hoedown
*Do My Part
*Jumping Beans
*Five Green and Speckled Frogs
*Grandma's Kitchen Band
*Follow the Leader
*Fish Tale
*Shakin' Things Up
*I Love Mommy

Sales: www.danatunes.com
Ages 2-7

Take a Peek at Dana's Playground...

Her music is ageless!!!!  Every family member will be entertained guaranteed.

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