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The Prayer Box - a storywrap

Comforting quotes to tuck in your heart...

Unwrapping today's featured book...

"The Prayer Box"

Authored by Jennifer Berry
Illustrated by Josie Portillo

Ages:  4-12
Grade Level : P-5

Some sweet illustrations for you...

Unwrapping some Editorial Reviews...

"The sentiment and story fell like a comforting parable! A sweet tale that introduces prayer, honesty and love to preschool age children." Kirkus Reviews

"The Prayer Box is a charming and deceptively simple story that illuminates for children some hard-to-grasp ideas like the benefits of time, nurturing, private thoughts, hopes and conversations with God. Sure to ignite some meaningful and important conversations between parent and child, Berry has given us nothing short of a treasure." Jennifer Lehr, author of PARENTSPEAK: What's Wrong with How We Talk to Our Children and What to Say Instead

"Every single child in the world deserves to be touched by this amazing book. Life-changing truth expressed in heartwarming words, wrapped in beauty and creativity! Share this wise story with your little one and be assured that the power of prayer will become a reality in his or her life!" Glenna Salsbury, Professional Speaker, author of The Art of the Fresh Start

In her own words...
A message from Jennifer Berry, the author

"It started with a question: what if every child knew he or she was an answered prayer? As a mother of young twins I was always looking for children's books to bring in more spirituality, meaning and deep conversations into my home. Many of my other Mommy friends who were religious or who were spiritual but not particularly religious or who were in interfaith families wanted the same thing. A book that could introduce spiritual practices into their daily parenting. A book that would offer a sweet sentiment before bedtime. So I created a book that would enlighten and transform the way that children and their parents could think about prayer."~Jennifer

About the book...

Rosetta is an adorable little girl who is full of curiosity and wants to discover about answered prayer.   She and her mother have a very close bond and as they garden together her mom says to her,

"Remember seeds are like prayers, they take time to grow."   

She and her mom are inseparable and do many things together like:  bake yummy pies, go to the movies, and hike holding each other's hand to keep each other very close.  

 When nighttime comes and it's time for bed her mother tucks her in and they pray together.  This is a wonderful teaching time when mom tells Rosetta that she can talk to God about everything.  She explains that when we pray, we ask for things we hope for.  Her mother then slips away to her room and brings back a beautifully decorated box that houses tiny letters that are prayers that she writes and gives to God.  Rosetta in enamoured with the box and with the idea that it is a prayer box between only her mother and God.  

Curiosity gets the best of her and each morning she sneaks quietly into her mother's room to see that precious box that is off-limits.

Can Rosetta only use her eyes to appreciate it or does she yield to temptation and open it up and read her mother's prayers to God?  What will she discover is she does succumb?  She is overcome and cannot resist and what she finds out as she read through those prayers shakes her to the core.  There are no prayers about her included... no... not one!  She is so distraught that she is forced to confess to mom that she read the confidential prayers.  Her wise mother sits her down with a huge hug and assures her beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is loved beyond measure and the best answer to prayer that God could have ever given her was Rosetta herself!  

The book shines a light on the power of prayer and how important it is. It reveals that you are never are too young or too old to pray to God who loves you unconditionally and wants to answer your prayers.  The book's message is positive, uplifting and inspiring.   It underscores that each and every child is a true blessing to be treasured and indeed an answer to prayer.   

About the author...

Jennifer Berry is award winning playwright whose work has been seen around the country and as far away as South Africa. This is her first children's book. She lives and works in Los Angeles with her husband and twins.

About the illustrator...

Josie was born, raised and currently works in Los Angeles, California, as a freelance illustrator. She received a BFA in Illustration with a focus in Entertainment Arts at Art Center College of Design in Fall 2009.  She draws inspiration from mid century design, vintage children's animation, folk art, nature and traveling. 

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