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Why Blue? - a bookwrap

The Colour Blue.... why? 

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"Why Blue?"

Created by Josh Tuininga
Ages 5+

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About the book

Maya, loves to sit quietly and ponder the wonders of life around her.  She has a million questions bubbling inside of her and she seeks answers from others to appease that search for knowledge and truth she so desires.  

One morning she looks up into the sky and questions why it is blue...  why not hot pink or lime green or patterned... why the colour blue?  Mmmmmm....interesting!

She goes on a quest and asks those around her if they know the answer.  The local baker retorts it's because of the leftover blueberries from this morning pancakes, a random musician declares it's because he's playin' the blues, her brother from high school pontificates a long, complicated scientific answer which she doesn't understand (just to cite a few). She leaves with all their opinions swirling around in her brain and goes off to seek solace so she can mull things over on her own. 

As evening approaches she looks up and sees that the sky is changing colours, and at nighttime when she looks out her window sees another colour change.  She snuggles down in her bed and drifts off into Dreamland where she dreams in technicolour and sets her imagination free to explore and play in the colours that surround her.  Does she find a satisfactory answer to her question?  Does she find out why the sky is blue?  Maybe when she awakens to another new day she will find out.    

The book encourages kids to ask, seek and explore to find out the answers to the tons of questions that perplex them.   I enjoyed the calm, lovely illustrations and the fact that Maya was trying to figure out this question all by herself and did not tap into a Google search.  The book is perfect for beginning readers and a wonderful bedtime story to enjoy under the covers snuggled up together before it's lights out and the radiant night sky is visible through your bedroom window.  

Storywraps rating...  5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator

Josh Tuininga is an illustrator, children’s book author, and creative director working in a broad range of mediums and disciplines.  After graduating from  the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied fine art, animation, and technology, Josh returned to the Pacific Northwest and created a collaborative art and design agency, The Medium, www.the-medium.net.

Tuininga’s ’s work has received  several awards, including the Communication Arts Award of Excellence in Illustration. His work  has been published in numerous journals and magazines. In 2014 his first children’s book, Why Blue? was released by Xist Publishing.  Josh lives in North Bend, Washington with his wife and twin daughters, who helped him convert a vintage Bluebird school bus into an art studio. ­­

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