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"Fred Wants to Play" - a bookwrap


"Fred Wants to Play"

Authored by Janna de Lathouder
Illustrated by Anne Schneider

Ages:  5-6
Grade Level:  K+

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations for you

About the book

It's peaceful and quiet under the sea now and everyone is calm ... everyone except Fred.  He feels something bubbling and bouncing around inside of him and that can only mean one thing... FRED WANTS TO PLAY!!!

The other fish don't want to engage in play with him because they are looking forward to some lovely serene time.  They begin to get annoyed with energetic Fred. Doesn't he ever stop fidgeting?  

Fred tries to calm himself, he really does.  He sits on his tentacles and ties himself in knots to stop but alas the bouncy feeling won't give it up and keeps on building up.  He attempts with all his might to contain the feelings inside of him but they get completely out of his control.  Oh my! 

The crusty swordfish squad reprimand him severely and decide to send him away which makes Fred feel so sad and empty inside and the worst feeling of all... all alone.  

Suddenly he discovers a big shell on the ocean floor.  He knocks and knocks on it which causes a very pleasant sound.  Oh oh... that tapping awakes that bouncy feeling inside once again.  The huge shell opens up and what a surprise awaits Fred.  Inside, much to his surprise, he meet Scott.  After introducing themselves they share their feelings of the colours that blossom inside of both of them and how no one wants to play with them.  They both feel alone and friendless in the large vast ocean.  Scott is a kindred spirit. How comforting to know he is not the only one who feels like he doesn't belong.  

Together they create a plan that just might show the other fish how fun life can be.  They invite the others to party along with them.  Will the others take the bait and join in?  

This book is about developing friendships with others who love to live life energetically.  It teaches about accepting others and celebrating who you are created to be.   The delightful illustrations enrich this heartwarming tale.   

Storywraps Rating... 4 HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author

Janna de Lathouder attended the Directing program at Toneelacademie Maastricht (the Drama Academy in Maastricht, the Netherlands). Ever since then she is having fun working as a theatre director, or sometimes as an advisor or a teacher. Apart from that, she writes. Janna is married to Martijn and they have a cat together. Janna and her husband live in a house near a ditch in a nice village in North-Holland. When it freezes they can step from their garden onto the ice and make a trip. And when it’s very hot they can cool their feet in the water of the ditch. Sometimes Janna names the things around her. When she is talking about ‘Anton’, she means the apple tree in her garden. And with ‘Cordelia’ she refers to the sculpture of the chicken on the shelf. Maybe that’s why she loves to make up stories: if something has a name, it has a life, so why not a whole story?

About the illustrator

Why I love making picture books? Drawing and reading have always been my main hobbies. But as a child, I had no intention of making my living with them. I wanted to be an actress! I used to write, direct and act all the time, and I was determined to go to the academy of dramatic art. But I was too young for that when I finished my secondary education, so I got the idea to attend a secondary teacher training in drawing for one year and then switch to a school of acting. But I enjoyed my studies so much that I forgot all about my original plan, finished my education, got a job as an art teacher, and started a small business in illustrations and wall paintings. In 2012, I won the Key Colours International Illustrators Award and I felt like a real picture book maker. In picture books I combine all my passions: I draw and paint, I make up stories and characters, and I direct how they get to appear. That’s why I love making picture books.

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