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"Rebecca Finds Happiness". - a bookwap

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"Rebecca Finds Happiness"

Authored by Gina Harris
Illustrated by Haley Anderson

Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing (December 12, 2017)
Ages: 5-8

Unwrapping some illustrations for you

About the book

"Rebecca Finds Happiness" has a positive message to deliver but the delivery falls a bit short.  

Rebecca is a very unhappy little girl.  She tries to find happiness by asking for lots of new toys from her parents.  She gets bored of them pretty quickly and discovers that toys do not equal happiness.  She then thinks that if she does whatever she wants that will be the key to her happiness.  She stays up all night eating mountains of  candy.  Yes, that should make her happy right?   Alas, that too fails.  All that does is make her feel sick and have a tummy ache the next morning.  She is a pretty good dancer and decides to be the best in her ballet class. That too falls flat as sometimes the other ballerinas would dance much better.  This makes Rebecca jealous and mad.  Oh dear how can she attain happiness in her life?  Will she ever be happy?  

She meets a new girl at her school named Tara who seems to be the epitome of happiness.  Rebecca, through interacting and observing  how Tara acquires her happiness, finally discovers the magical, real secret.  She learns from Tara that giving is much better than receiving and that acts of kindness and generosity are powerful tools to obtain long lasting happiness in your life.  Happiness comes from within not from without.  

I must admit that this book has so much potential but the characters are not developed strongly enough and the illustrations do little to drive and boost the storyline.  The colour pallet is lovely but the size and expressiveness of the pictures lacks the punch to keep kids engaged, especially if you are sharing the book in a group situation.  This book is like a kernel of corn.... the kernel is there but it didn't pop and it could have for sure. 

Storywraps Rating -  3 HUGS!!! 

About the author and illustrator 

Gina was a preschool teacher for a number of years, and always especially looked forward to story time. Her love of children's books eventually led her to write her own. She currently lives in Denver with her husband and daughter, one dog, two cats and three chickens.

Hayley is a graduate student at Arizona State University studying psychology. She has been deeply passionate about art since she was a young girl and hopes to go into art therapy when she graduates.

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