Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"A Song of Four Seasons" - a bookwrap

We, who are blessed to have four seasons in our lives, will understand the joy exhibited in today's featured book.  Come with me as I unveil a sweet book that small kids will surely enjoy.


Authored and illustrated by
Helen H. Wu

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you to peek at

About the book

Four sweet teddies take you through the four seasons of the year using rhyme and charming visuals.  

The seasons are beautifully presented as the four engage in seasonal activities. 

In Spring they pick flowers and observe fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees. In Summer the unbearable heat encourages them to take refuge on a sandy beach to play and splash in the water which  cools them off.  As Autumn moves in the wind blows crisp, the leaves turn red and fall to the ground, the geese migrate south and the teddies participate in a fun harvest party.  Lastly, Winter encompasses the earth.  The snow and freezing cold force the four to gather up their warm blankets and snuggle together as the Sandman beckons them forth for a long winter's sleep.  

The illustrations fit perfectly and enrich the melodious text.  The colour pallet is calm and gentle making it a perfect book to read before tucking your little one in for the night.  "A Song of Four Seasons" is a celebration of the diversity of the seasons. 

Storywraps Rating -  5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Helen H. Wu, was born and raised in Hefei, China. Helen took private lessons and studied drawing for more than ten years beginning at age six. She attended Renmin University of China, majoring in Public Management, after that she came to the United States to study Applied Economics. During her school days Helen traveled to many places in Asia, Europe and North America. These journeys exposed her to various cultures and arts, while providing inspiration for her artistic creativity. Helen's love of art is deep rooted. She taught herself graphic design and after graduation she opened her own art studio. Helen started to illustrate children's books in 2011. Currently she is a freelance artist living in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and a lab pup.

"I'm a graphic designer, children's book illustrator and writer. Art is a world that I can escape into that is dreamy, expansive, expressive, and timeless. I enjoy exploring various art mediums which includes: acrylics; pen and ink; pencil; digital and mixed media. My artworks are inspired by the unique elements of everyday life, my Labrador pup Bear, the amazing people I meet, nature itself, novels I read, movies I watch and music I listen to. "
----Helen H. Wu

See more about Helen's artworks:

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