Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"Emma has a Dilemma!" - a bookwrap

A pronoun is a word that is used instead of a noun or noun phrase. 

Pronouns refer to nouns that have already been mentioned or are about to be mentioned. 

Today's book will create new memories for those who haven't been introduced in school to nouns and pronouns and bring back memories for those who did.  Be ready to learn....


Authored by mother/daughter team
Dana and Amber Wall

Illustrated by Phillip Orozco 

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you

About the book

Poor Emma is in meltdown mode because she receives her first ever "F" on a grammar test.  The test is on nouns and pronouns and she fails it miserably.  Her parents will not be happy and she certainly isn't either with that low grade. What is she to do? She just doesn't get it. 

Magically Wizard Jake appears to her and takes matters into his capable hands.  He brilliantly starts to school Emma on the proper use of a noun and a pronoun and luckily she is very smart and grasps what he is teaching her lickity-split.  

Can she go to her teacher now that she understands and request a make-up test to raise her score or will her plea be refused and she will be left with that wretched "F" on her school record forever? 

I am sure this is a book that school-aged kids can totally relate to.  This mother/daughter duo has made these concepts both educational and  highly entertaining.  The illustrations are crisp, expressive and poignant.  Being an educator myself I would have been very proud to include this book in my classroom when I was an elementary school teacher, in my school library when I was a librarian, and as one who would recommend it to my staff and parents when I was an acting principal.  

The book is written in understandable language and the illustrations enrich the concepts greatly.  I did have trouble with the rhyming component as I found it awkward and forced.  Personally I feel it would have been better to leave that aspect out.  

All-in-all "Emma has a Dilemma!" is a very good alternative to a boring lesson scratched out on the chalkboard regarding nouns and pronouns.  

Storywraps Rating - 4 HUGS!!!!

Introducing the authors

Dana Wall and Amber Wall love writing. Due to their love of writing, they decided it would so much fun to teach writing and more specifically grammar to children as young as 4-8. So they created the book Emma Has A Dilemma! to teach children about nouns and pronouns. As soon as Dana and Amber created this one book, the ideas started growing so they created a whole series of five books that teach different lessons in grammar. Emma Beams During A Wonderful Dream! Emma's All Gloom As She Cleans Her Room! Emma Feels Really Uncool in Summer School And Emma Janes goes on a Plane! Dana and Amber live in Manhattan Beach, CA and this mother-daughter writing team spend many hours reading and writing together. As they've gone their own ways, Dana just started an MFA Program in Creative Writing at Goddard College in Vermont while Amber is the editor in chief of The Anchor Newspaper at Marymount High School in Los Angeles. Amber is applying to college and hopes she can balance her love for writing with her love for Math and Physics.

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