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"Where's Baby?" - a bookwrap


"Where's Baby?"
Created by Anne Hunter

* Ages:  3-7
* Grade Level:  PS-2
* Hardcover:  40 pages
* Publisher:  Tundra Books
* Pub. Date:  January 7, 2020
* Language:  English


"The dramatic irony paired with Papa’s earnest calls of “Ba-by!” make this a winner for interactive reading, and Baby’s final request, “Can we do that again?” will ensure this fun and gently instructive story is repeated." --STARRED REVIEW, Publishers Weekly

"Fun and instructive, this forest frolic will have kids eager to play along." --Kirkus Reviews

"Where’s Baby?
is a beautifully illustrated hide-and-seek book for preschool aged children who want a light, playful read." --CM Magazine

Unwrapping Some Wonderful Illustrations for You

Unwrapping the Story

Papa Fox and his adorable little pup are playing a game that most kids are familiar with... hide-and-seek. 

"Have you seen Baby, Mama Fox?"
"Why, Baby must be somewhere, Papa Fox."

He heads off into the forest hunting down his adventurous little guy.    Papa looks indoors, outside, inside a log, over the hill, under the water, down a hole, up in a tree, and around the bend, asking a variety of animals if they might have seen his clever little son who seems to have become invisible and completely disappeared.   The animals assure him that no, to their knowledge they have not seen Baby Fox.

Finally Papa comes full circle and arrives once again back home. He could not find his little one.  He asks Mama Fox, 

" Mama Fox, I can't find Baby anywhere." 
" Have you looked behind you, Papa Fox?" 

Ta! Da! Baby Fox is now visible to Papa.  He IS right behind him. Papa scoops him up in a big Daddy hug and Baby breaks into a huge smile.  I wonder why?  What have those sly Foxes been up to? 

This is an interactive read-aloud where prepositions are introduced. Kids will love spotting Baby Fox and outfoxing Papa.   The illustrations are sweet.  Baby is easy to target because of his pointy ears and orange-coloured body against the pale, muted pallette.  Kids will love to re-read the book again and again so they can participate in the hide-and-seek game that Papa and Baby are engaged in.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!


Meet the Author/Illustrator

Anne Hunter is an illustrator and author of such children's books as Where's Baby?, Cricket Song, Possum and the Summer Storm, Possum's Harvest Moon and other nature related books. She lives in southwestern Vermont with her family.

For more about Anne Hunter and her latest books, visit her website at

or follow her on instagram @annehunterillustration

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