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"Sloth and Squirrel in a Pickle" - a bookwrap



Meet two unlikely friends... Sloth and Squirrel!  I wonder what the two are up to?  This is their story...


Sloth and Squirrel in a Pickle 

Illustrated by Cathy Ballou Mealey
 Illustrator:  Kelly Collier


* Ages:  3-7

* Grade Level:  PS-2

* Hardcover:  32 pages

* Publisher;  Kids Can Press; Illustrated edition

* Pub. Date:  May 4, 2021

 * Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

Squirrel and Sloth are BFFs.  One day when they are hanging out in a tree together they see a tandem bike whizz by.  Squirrel gets excited and decides he wants a bike like that so he and his friend can zoom FAST!  Off they go to the store to find out the possibility of obtaining one.  When they reach the store squirrel's tail droops as he discovers that bikes cost a lot of money... money that they don't have.

Does that stop the two?  Absolutely not!  They decide to get a job so they can earn money to purchase their dream bike and they spot a sign that might just might be the answer to their problem.  





After an interview they hesitantly are offered the job by a crusty looking peacock manager.  Oh oh!  Pickle packing takes speed and skill and the job doesn't go too well for the two.  They discover the pickles are slippery, the jars are slippery and the floor gets slippery quickly!  By noon Sloth and Squirrel had packed only six jars.  Oh my!  The manager truly isn't happy but grants them one more day of employment after he is assured they can do much better. 

What does one do when you can't  pickle pack to perfection and you find you yourself in a pickle?  Well.... you take those pickles and create a job that you will relish.  Using problem-solving, teamwork, ingenuity and creativity the two friends finally manage to reach their monetary goal and their dream bike becomes a reality.  Success! 

The illustrations are playful, expressive and fun.  The characters are adorable and the message is very relatable and positive. The author ends the story with a surprise twist that kids and adults will love.   I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!

Meet the Author

Cathy Ballou Mealey is a former college administrator and instructor. She volunteers in schools and organizations supporting children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. She has degrees in psychology, classical studies and higher education administration. She is also the author of When a Tree Grows, published by Sterling in 2019. She lives north of Boston with her family.

About the Illustrator

Author-illustrator Kelly Collier was born in Ottawa and grew up in Toronto. She has an identical twin sister and an older brother. As kids, Kelly and her sister drew all the time, mostly in an effort to "outdraw" their brother. Kelly studied illustration in college and has had lots of editorial work published, but has always wanted to create a children's book. The idea for A Horse Named Steve came from a doodle she did to fill a small empty frame at home. Kelly married a fellow artist who doesn't complain when her projects take over the entire house, she has a dog who sort of resembles Steve and she really loves gold.

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