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"I Don't Have a Cat" - a bookwrap



I Don't Have a Cat


Contessa Hileman

*Illustrated by 

Carolyn Conahan


I Don't Have


* Reading Age:  4-7

* Grade Level:  PS-2

* Length:  32 pages

* Publisher:  Little Bigfoot Publication

* Pub. Date:  Feb. 1, 2022

* Language:  English 

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

This delightful story features a young boy and a frisky, adorable, cuddly cat who has inserted itself into the boy's world and is causing some mayhem wherever it goes.  

The story documents a day when the boy and cat intersect and the reader learns that the boy denies having the cat.  The boy deliberately uses other terms to label the rambunctious little feline.  He refers to it as a food critic, a paper shredder, a stylist, a homework helper, and a space invader just to name a few but definitely NOT a cat!   

A lovely surprise is unveiled at the end as the boy openly admits to his family the truth ... he doesn't really have the cat.  It just magically appeared one day and he took it in so therefore it's not technically his.  He proceeds to convince his parents to let him keep it.  Will he be successful and will the sweet cat find a new forever home? 

The illustrations are wonderful.  They are lively, detailed and animate the text perfectly.  The story is clever and imaginative. I'm sure it will spark conversations about rescue animals and adopting them.  Both young and old will love the book and I highly recommend it.  It's from the series " I Don't Have."  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!


Meet the Author

CONTESSA FLANAGAN is a writer, baker, and ice cream enthusiast living in Denver, Colorado. She lives with her husband, Brett, her loyal beagle, Sidekick, and her new rescue dog, Hero! She spends most of her time writing stories, reading books, and baking cookies.

About the Illustrator

CAROLYN CONAHAN draws little pictures in a little studio in a little woods she planted herself, somewhere in Portland, Oregon.…

"I’ve always found the world to be an interesting place full of contrast and surprises. Growing up at my mom’s house, I rode horses cross-country and bareback, which led to many hours of combing burrs from my horse’s tail and my own hair, too. We climbed trees, picked fruit, and made jam. We baled hay, and stacked it. (Itchy!) My mom was a science teacher, so every trip to the beach or hike in the woods was a field trip to discovery.

At my dad’s house, I got summer jobs in aerospace, and watched rocket launches. We also went on long hippie van trips to experimental communities, canoed with alligators, and snorkeled coral reefs with jellyfish, sharks, and barracudas. I attended a joint program at Reed College, and the Pacific NW College of Art, where I majored in pondering, doodling, and avoiding marketable skills. Not exactly a plan for success, but here I am, years later, pondering and doodling for fun and (a squeaky little ) profit. Funny old world."

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