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Solita and the Purple Moon: Solita y La Luna Morada - a bookwrap


Solita and the Purple Moon: Solita y La Luna Morada

by Miriam Isabel Elliott

Illustrated by Carlos E. Elliott


* Reading Age:  5-6 years

* Grade Level:  K-1

* Length:  24 pages

* Publisher:  AuthorHouse Publication

* Pub. Date:  November 14, 2007

* ISBN-10: 1424349322

* ISBN-13:  978-1434349323

* Languages:  English/Spanish



A must have for children teachers and parents

User Review  - read4ever -

A touching story of an American little girl dealing with months of separation from her mother. A chapter of American history on a poetic simply language I am hoping for a movie!!!!!!!!! Read full review

Powerful book!

User Review  - AlwaysSummer - Borders

Written from the heart, this is a great read! The perfect book, beautiful poetry, every time I read it, I want to read it again. Solita represents many of the today's American children. Read full review

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

This bilingual book is written in both English and Spanish.  Solita, a beautiful little girl, acknowledges that her beloved mother has left her and doesn't know when she will return.  Her mom is in the military and has been deployed so her homecoming date is unknown. Solita lies awake in her bedroom night after night frightened and lonely missing her mother greatly.  

As she looks out her window she focuses on the big round moon that is shining down on her.  Her imagination takes over and the moon radiates a beautiful purple hue because that is Solita's favourite colour. The kind caring moon becomes her best friend and confidant in her mother's absence.  The moon brings Solita comfort and adventure while she waits for her mother's return.  Why one night the moon whisks Solita away and gives her a tour of her beautiful country much to the little girl's delight.  

This book is very relatable to children, especially those that have experienced the sense of abandonment and fear when a primary adult in their life has left them.  The bilingual component of the book is very appealing as young children are open to learning a new language.  I must admit the illustrations weren't my cup of tea but the story itself was very powerful and heartfelt.  The vibe of the story is calming and peaceful and would be perfect to share at bedtime.  The author explains why she wrote the book...

"I wanted to bring awareness for what these children go through when their parent cannot tuck them in every night or is not present every day. Solita and her new friend will show children who are separated from their mom or dad that they are not alone.”

I really like this well-written book and I recommend it be shared with conversations of committed love and warm hug-wraps!  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Miriam Isabel Elliott arrived to the United States from Cuba in 1970, along with her mother and brother, in search of the opportunity and freedom denied to them by a communist regime.

She has two daughters, Rebecca and Melissa, both of whom were born in the United States. It has always been her mission to teach her children to value their freedom and to love America. It is the author’s intention, through her work, to honor the children of our military during these difficult times and to bring attention to their silent sacrifice.

The author found inspiration for Solita and the Purple Moon when her daughter, Melissa, a United States Marine, was serving in Iraq; leaving her one year old daughter, Madison, behind.

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