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"Words with Jazzy" - a bookwrap



Words with Jazzy

by Sonya McGiboney


* Ages:  2+

* Grade Level:  PS-1

* Length:  40 pages

* Publisher:  Sonja McGiboney

* Pub. Date:  March 8, 2022

* ISBN-13:  979-8985840513

* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

The whole collection of Jazzy books is so wonderful it is difficult to pick one to highlight.  Being an elementary school teacher in my prior life with a passion for teaching children to read I chose "Words with Jazzy."  

This delightful book is a compilation of common words that young children will recognize and that they are familiar with in their everyday lives.  The author uses flashcards with large words that are printed in red.  A creative picture of Jazzy visually enhances the meaning of the word which makes learning the words fun.  Children will love the expressions and antics that Jazzy infuses into the learning process. 

The words were supplied by kindergarten and first-grade students from a Smithfield, Virginia elementary school.  Children will fall in love with Jazzy, a brown and white Boxer-Labrador-Pitbull, and be eager to learn the words that this sweet dog presents.  

This educational book is a wonderful tool to get kids exposed to sight words and to increase their vocabulary skills.  The photography is crisp, bold and beautiful and will hold a child's interest from beginning to end.  I highly recommend "Words with Jazzy" and encourage you to check out the other Jazzy books in the collection also.   Sonja McGiboney crafts each book with specific concepts in mind, yet they can be used creatively for many other learning experiences.    

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author/Photographer

Sonja McGiboney, a native of Pennsylvania, obtained her degree in music from West Virginia University. After graduating, she married Dale and accompanied him on his twenty-five-year military career. She has two wonderful children, Rachel and Ryan, and is now living with Dale in Smithfield, Virginia. In 2015, Sonja and Dale got a new puppy and named her Jazzy. It was only natural to document Jazzy’s antics. After a year of pictures, the first book, “GROWING UP JAZZY” was created. Jazzy is now the star of fourteen picture books for children.

Sonja is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the Virginia Writers Club and the Chesapeake Bay Writers.

 Jazzy's Rise to Fame

(in the author's own words)

Jazzy is a brown and white Boxer-Labrador-Pitbull mix dog. Her mama was rescued and two days later had nine puppies. Jazzy is the youngest.   

At eight weeks she came to our house to live forever.  For a photographer, it is like getting the perfect model. Her adorable antics and cute expressions are hard to resist.

After taking thousands of photos during her first year, I created a book to give to my great nieces. I threw together a few rhyming stanzas and sent it off. A week later they called and asked if I had more Jazzy books.

Eighteen books later and I can’t stop. The creativity still flows. Jazzy, for her part, loves the work. If I leave my camera bag out on the floor, she will start nudging it with her nose as if to say, “C’mon mom, let’s work, I want some treats!”

Jazzy and I have created all kinds of books to help children read, from alphabet books and books about friendship and self worth to books about places. Jazzy has explored the library, Smithfield, Virginia and Murfreesboro, North Carolina.

She is a celebrity here in Smithfield, Virginia. The other day we were walking on Main Street and a car slowed. The passenger window slid down and the woman driving leaned over to say, “It’s Jazzy!  Kid’s it’s Jazzy!” They didn’t know my name, only that I am Jazzy’s mama.  And that’s okay. “

List of Jazzy Books available

Here is a list of books based, roughly, on reading level from easiest (kindergarten) to hardest (third grade).


Words with Jazzy

ABC Jazzy

Counting Down Jazzy

Jazzy Sticks

Hide and Seek - Jazzy’s Alphabet Adventure

Jazzy’s Whole World

Growing Up Jazzy

Jazzy Time

Jazzy Shapes

Jazzy Colors

Jazzy’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Jazzy's Halloween-A Night in Ghouling Brook

Little Red Jazzyhood

Jazzy and Friends

Princess Jazzy - How to Prove You're a Princess

Jazzy Explores the Library

Jazzy Explores Smithfield, Virginia

Jazzy Explores Murfreesboro, NC

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