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While You Sleep - a bookwrap



While You Sleep

authored by Jennifer Maruno

illustrated by Miki Sato


* Ages:  2-5

* Grade Level:  PS-K

* Hardcover:  24 pages

* Publisher:  Pajama Press

* Pub. Date:  Nov. 15, 2022

* ISBN-10:  1772782677

* ISBN-13:  978-1772782677

* Language:  English 


“In rhyming couplets, a caregiver encourages a child…to embrace bedtime so that a crew of bunny helpmeets can begin their work tidying up the world… the textured scenes remix details from the child’s waking life into suitably snuggly dreamscapes.”—Publishers Weekly

“A peek into the busy Land of Nod….Maruno narrates in flawless and immersive rhyming verse….Readers will linger over each tiny, essential detail—nothing is extraneous….the text and art are expertly stitched together, each visible and impactful on their own and interwoven into a bewitching whole. A perfect bedtime selection for eye-catching, vibrantly colorful dreams.”—Kirkus Starred Review

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

This is an impressive rhyming picture book with collage illustrations that are a wonder to behold.  The talented illustrator utilizes silk, paper, and a variety of textiles to create amazing visuals that marry perfectly with the text.  

A small child is tucked in by her mother.  Mother explains that while her daughter rests a tireless work party of energized bunnies will be busy tidying up the world in preparation for a brand new day.  These helpers will magically paint flowers, dust off butterflies, restitch the sunny sky to the green farmland, and embroider the Milky Way into the dark night sky so tomorrow will be a beautiful place  to wake up to once again. 

"While You Sleep" is a fantastic bedtime choice that every child will embrace just before drifting off to Dreamland.  I highly, highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Jennifer Maruno is the author of seven novels for middle grade and young adult readers as well as

the picture book Moose's Roof. Her novels have been nominated for the Pacific Northwest Young Readers Choice Award, the Hamilton Arts and Culture Award, the Rocky Mountain Book Award, and more. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Waterloo

University and Master of Education from Brock University. Formerly the Vice-President of the Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers, among other literary roles, Jennifer currently enjoys writing and mentoring other writers full time. Jennifer lives in Burlington, Ontario.

About the Illustrator

Miki Sato is a Japanese-Canadian illustrator who uses a variety of different textures and materials to create three-dimensional images. Originally from Ottawa, she moved to Toronto to complete her degree in illustration from the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her picture books include Snow Days, which was a finalist for the Elizabeth Mrazik Cleaver

Canadian Picture Book Award, Sunny Days, which was a 2021 CBC Books Best Book, Windy Days, which won a Northern Lights Book Award, and Rainy Day.

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