Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day in Mississauga

Everything is closed and locked and it is Valentine's Day! Snow is whirling around and this is a perfect day to start collecting and gathering words and phrases for a word game called "Read your world!" Go into your cupboards, magazines,and newspapers and begin cutting out words that your child sees and uses every day. Cut out the word "Cheerios" off of the package, find a McDonald's sign, perhaps print off a stop sign, school sign, hospital sign from the internet etc. It can become a scavenger hunt for you and your child to find as many words around your house that he/she can recognize. When you have quite a few words stacked up,find an envelope or cute little bag or box to store them in. You can draw the words from their new home and have your child "read" the words to you. It is amazing how many words in the world that your child can distinguish. It is a fun and meaningful game that you can play over and over. Then let your child be the teacher so he/she can show the words to a sibling or a reading buddy to read. Have fun and be encouraged as you help your child make sense of his/her world.

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