Friday, February 2, 2007

Stay tuned....

In the next little while I intend to post some useful lists that will come in handy when you are reading to your child. "Homegrown reading is love" is our tagline and we firmly believe that parents/caregivers are the missing links to giving their children the love and support that they need to grow healthy, successful, lifetime readers. Both parent and child benefit as they cuddle together and bond over a great story. Wonderful memories of reading together are always present with you even into your adulthood. Can you remember your favourite stories that were read to you as a child? If you were not fortunate enough to have someone orally read to you then you can be the one in your family to change that. Read to you child/children everyday . Find creative times and spaces to make that happen. Stories are wrapped in love to stimulate you intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Stories truly hug your soul!

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