Monday, February 25, 2008

Presentation for Women's Christian Club

Tomorrow, Tuesday will be interesting. Jane and I will present our vision and mission for BabyBookworms at a local Women's club in the morning (weather permitting).....ah, there's the permitting. We will read the fabulous story of "I will love your forever' by Robert Munsch. The older women will identify with the character and with the love that is displayed in the circle of life. It truly is a two-kleenex story. We will take a sampling of our treasured storybooks and tell them the value of passing the gift of reading onto our younger generations. We must instill the urgency of getting back into the printed word and the love and relationships that need to be restored over reading a great book together. Grandma's needed to be reminded of their role in giving their grandchildren the precious gift of reading.

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