Friday, February 29, 2008

So many good books, so little time

I challenge you to scoop up a whole armload of books, curl up, read them all cover to cover and then tell someone about your favourite book. We need to stir up interest and love in good literature. We need to expose great writers and illlustrators and celebrate their talents and awesome work. We need to buy, give and enjoy these wonderful masterpieces of life. Especially we need to be a spark, a fire, a torch to pass on this blessed gift to reading to generations of the future. What are you doing to inspire and get kids engaged in reading a great book? We all are responsible not just the school system. Volunteer in the classroom to read, initiate a trip to the library for a destination event, go to a bookstore and buy your child a book, order a magazine subscription for your child's birthday rather than a mindless toy. Let's together build vocabularies, imaginations, and lifelong successful readers. Our kids deserve the best!

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