Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three books which might interest you

I have been busy doing book reviews and I want to highlight three wonderful books relating to special needs children. One is by Maria Shriver entitled "What's Wrong with Timmy?". A beautiful explanation is given about special children all made by God that although different to us are precious and special to their familes and their world.

The second and third book I want to emphasize deal with autism. "Howard the Fish" is written and illustrated by Juka Books and is about a little fish who is isolated and contained alone in his fish bowl. One day he looks past the glass and discovers a whole new world. He makes a connection and a brand new relationship develops. Check out the website www.juka
and see how this wonderful book was born.

The last book (also about autism) is for older readers ages 9-12. It is called "Knowing Joseph" and is written by Judith Mammay. Again it explores and explains the trials of living with a little brother who has autism. I highly recommend any of these books for your own personnal development and especially as a tool to explain to your children the diversity of others around them. It is a wonderful way to impart understanding and compassion into our kids. Who knows maybe they will become involved as a peer buddy in a special classroom at their school, take a greater interest in the special olympics that is in their neighbourhood or volunteer to go as a leader to a special needs summer camp and help out. Check these books out for your bookshelf.

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