Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rating my books I review

 I thought it would be fun to personally rate the books that I review on this blog.   I am giving you a heads-up so you can understand why I made the choices and rating that I did.

After reading a book and posting my review here this is how it will be rated:

It will be measured on a scale from 1-10,   10 being the very best there could be (and yes there are many books out there that will rate a 10.)

          10.   Best book ever!

            9.   Close to perfection

            8.   Fantastic!

            7.  Couldn't put it down

            6.  Interesting enough

            5.  Pretty darn good

            4.  Mediocre

            3.  I've read worse

            2.  Meh!

            1.   Don't even bother

      I hope you will have fun with me in this endeavour and remember to read often and read on.  Happy Wednesday.
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