Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

November 6th we will be hosting an open house to showcase....guess what?....Christmas. I tell you, where does the time go? Although people do not want to wrap their heads around this season yet I know deep down in the recesses of their minds they know that it is coming. I want to plant a seed in that opening of your mind right now. We will be putting beautiful book baskets together to release to the public for sale. What could be better than a huge basketful of adventure, emotion, drama, fun, tears, smiles,and excitment that are delivered by a loving, caring adult every night for the next few months as your child is tucked into his/her bed.
Books are the gift that keep on giving. Imagine the quality time, loving touches, shared views and values, and bonding heart to heart that will occur as a book is read nightly.
Know your child, know their likes and weaknesses, know what you want to teach them in your home. Books can accomplish so much in a child's life. You can be their teacher (and by the way parents are their kids best teacher). Model the importance of reading a good book from beginning to end. Everyone wins when a book is involved. The fifteen minute solution can literally change your child into a successful, lifelong reader. Order a book basket to display proudly under that tree this Christmas. Clothes are outgrown - toys break and run out of batteries and become obsolete but books always are in fashion and become more loved and cherished as they are read over and over again. Give books this season. Give the very best!

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