Monday, November 10, 2008

The excitement is building

Things are buzzing at the shop. We are putting together beautiful book baskets to give as presents for Christmas. Can you image a huge, book-stuffed basket waiting under the tree for that precious little one (or big one) of yours? After the wrappings have been ripped off, the clothes have been tucked away in a drawer,and the batteries have run out of the technological toys, there it is just waiting to be broken into! The gift of sitting together - bonding a relationship over a really good book. There is no other gift like the gift of a book. Sharing stories and love from the heart is a present that is truly priceless. Destress and enjoy over a good book, a family-friendly activity where you share and interact together. You can carefully place your books on their very own shelf and go back and visit those dear old friends again and again.

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