Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Make a list

Try to compile in your head how many times words cross your path today and what you have the honour of reading. It would be fun to see what your eyes behold through those unwanted flyers, delivered newspapers, magazines in your mailbox, letters, bills, computer emails, ads, signs, books etc. When you think about how many times our brain deciphers and interprets words in our world it is a pretty amazing feat. Can you imagine not being able to read in our world? Thousands of people cannot and my heart breaks for them. We take for granted the reading process but think how being illiterate would change your personnal world. We must share our abilities with the less fortunate, volunteer in schools, join an organization where you are able to teach struggling adults with their reading, read daily to our own kids or spouse....make the reading of our nation a top priority. Someone who can read and chooses not to is worse, in my opinion, than someone who cannot read and desperatley wants to. Partner with someone today and share a good story from a book.

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